It is all about me

by : Sebastian B

my famley

My family is pretty big. I am the only child. I live with my mom and dad.

interest or hobbies

some of my hobbies or interest are video games, camping, watching T.V ,

a job that related are video game designer ,or forest ranger.

pictures of what i like to do

personality trates

A lot of people know me as smart kind trustworthy loyal helpful friendly cheerful reverent.


I am a scout so I know how to set up a tent and go hiking.

Multiple Intlligence

I would be good at either a forest ranger and/or video game dissener.


some of my values are trust worthy, comprise, education ,joy, choices, listening, honor, respect, positive attitude,and integrity

brain type

more left. my right brain is 54 my left brain is 56

events that i am involved in

I joined Boy Scouts ,and i am a den chef. My rank is star but I am working for Eagle.


My two bigges goals for now is get good grades and get Eagle Scout.

what i am proud of

I am proud of my grade on the report card, getting an arrow of light when i was a cub scout, and i am also proud of getting star in boy scouts.

kuter test results

Extraverted ,then Thinking ,then Judging


Arkansas Work values resolets

Trust full - I want some one to be honest to me

Comprise - Some to work things out

Education - I want people to understand what I say

my future

In the future i will get an eagle scout , pass collage, pass 8th grade, get a job ,and be a Boy Scout Leader.