Congratulations Title VII Teachers


Dear Title VII Teachers,

I was blown away on Sunday. Not because traffic was terrible, nor that it felt like the hottest day of spring, but because you all represented Title VII with some of the most beautiful student art work I have ever seen! The Student Art Show Reception last Sunday was a HIT! Nadiya did a beautiful job displaying all your wonderful student work as you will see in the video I am almost done producing. Many compliments were thrown around and I even had some people ask, "are you sure the students did this?" Community members were asking for prices! The quality of your students' work is a reflection of your quality teaching! I am so proud of all of you and so thankful we have such a strong group of exemplary teachers.

Special THANK YOU to Joe Esterman, El Oro Way ES, and Nancy Alderman for attending the Reception. Your students were so excited to see you there!

Extra special THANK YOU to Mike Hammond, White MS, for doing such an amazing job under trying circumstances. Sending positive thoughts your way Mike.

Very special THANK YOU to Linda Tamshen, Taft HS, for picking up Mike's student work, and helping Nadiya set up the displays. Sharon too-Thanks for helping Nadiya.

You all have been so patient with all the changes and you all continue to produce amazing work through your students. I appreciate your hard work with our students and also recruiting. Our 506 forms have increased significantly as a result, and I am hoping to expand our program. Thank you for your continued support.


Danielle Evers

Teachers, I need your feedback...

One of the community members from AICC (American Indian Community Council) came up with an amazing idea to start a scholarship fund. I want to run this idea by you all and let me know your thoughts.

Suggestion: Auction off 20 of the best pieces to raise money for a Title VII Scholarship.

What do you think?

Will your students be willing to donate their work to a good cause?

Send me your thoughts:

Title VII Indian Education Program

The Indian Education Program supports all Los Angeles Unified School District Title VII students in developing and achieving academic, cultural, social, and personal goals. We provide access to available community resources and create opportunities that ensure all American Indian/Alaskan Native students have access to a high quality, standards-based education that inspires learning, critical thinking, cultural awareness, and self esteem.