David G. Burnet

By: Abbie Liberman

Early Years

David G. Burnet was born on April 14, 1788 in Newark, New Jersey. His parents were Dr. William Burnet and Gertrude Gouverneur Rutgers Burnet. When he was only 3 years old both of his parents died. Burnet then went to live with his brothers in Cincinnati, Ohio.


After Graduating from high school Burnet wanted to join the navy, but his brothers put him to work as a clerk. In 1806 Burnet broke free from his brothers supervision and sailed to Venezuela as a part of an expedition. He came back later that year because the expedition failed. In 1817 Burnet moved to Natchitoches, Louisiana to start a trading post. When that failed he lived with the Comanche Indians in what is now Texas.

Major Contributions to Texas

When Texas announced that they were going to gain independence from Mexico, Burnet was elected the temporary president of the Republic of Texas. He was president from March 17 to October 22, 1836. In 1846 to 1847, Burnet was the Texas Secretary of State. He was also elected United States Senate in 1866.

Later Years

On December, 8 1830 Burnet married Hannah Este. They Had 4 kids but only one lived to be an adult. In 1858, his wife died. Burnet died on December 5, 1870

5 Important Facts About David G. Burnet

1. There is a county named after him.

2. A city was named after him.

3. Burnet died in Galveston, Texas.

4. He started a settlement in Texas but he ran out of money for it in 1830.

5. In 1838 Burnet was elected vice-president of the Republic of Texas on Mirabeau B. Lamars ticket.


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