A Cordelia Hills Staff Update, 11/9/2018

Glows and Grows

Glows: Conference time! I know it can be stressful for some of you but you do amazing work. Focus on the positives, areas of strength, and areas of growth! You make me proud to be a Cordelia Coyote!

Grows/reflective question for after conferences: What worked well and what didn't go well in this round of conferences? What lessons from conferences can you share that would help with staff?

Follow-up to Tuesday Conversation

As we enter the second trimester and inch closer to Thanksgiving Break, let's keep the conversation of instructional strategies vs. activities at the forefront of our minds. What constitutes high quality instruction and how do we make that the primary focus of all of our planning?

Conference Week

I will have pizza for staff next Thursday starting at 4:00 p.m. in the staff room. I am going to buy plenty so even if you are not staying SUPER late for conferences, just stop by and grab some. I'll have some water and some salad if I can get my act together.

Thanks for the due diligence in attempting to sign every parent up for a conference.

GATE Testing

GATE testing for Grades 2-5 will happen on Tuesday, November 27th. I will send a separate email with a list of students who are signed up (teacher or parent request) to be tested. I don't have the exact time. Additionally, we will likely need to use the library given the number of students. I will update you next week with time and exact place.

If you see your student on the list I email, please make sure to notify the parent.


I will list SOME calendar events below but you should have access to MY calendar and the SCHOOL calendar on google. If you don't, let me know and we will get you added.


11/9: First Minimum Day for Conferences

11/12: NO SCHOOL. Please note this is different than originally proposed first calendar

11/13-11/16: Conference Days

11/16: Trotter Tape Up Event (rotating classes--additional email sent)

11/19-11/23: No School

11/27: GATE testing for grades 2-5

11/30: Honor Roll Assembly for Grades 4-5 @ 8:30

Reminder, Schedules/Calendars

Just a reminder:

Team Drive for all Schedules and Calendars includes Bell Schedule, District Calendar, Release Schedule, Release Make-Up Schedule, and Duty Schedule. Please refer to this for all the info. If you see a mistake or need assistance, please let me know right away.