CNP News

Week Of September 4th, 2018

Are We Squashing Creativity?

In the video below Sir Ken Robinson uses a TED Talk to talk about what happens to creativity in schools. Unfortunately I think he is spot on with a lot of what he says. So my challenge to you is how do we foster creativity within the confines of the rules we have to play by? Sir Robinson says "creativity is as important now in education as literacy." It is a long video, the whole thing is great, but I'd encourage you to watch at least until around the 10 minute mark.

7:45 Collaboration Time

When we made the move to realign one of the big reasons was so that teachers within a grade level could collaborate and plan what the week or following week would look like. This would help us ensure that we are covering the same skills and standards. We could share ideas with everyone in our grade level and ask for help with students who we may be struggling to reach. I would encourage you as a grade level to use the collaboration planning document that we used last year ( I can create a new one for this year if needed) to help create a map of where we are going as a grade level.

What Collaboration Time is:

  • Time to plan as a 4 person team
  • Time to share ideas/ask questions
  • Time to grow as a professional with other professionals
  • Time to help each other find solutions

What Collaboration Time is Not:

  • Time to complain
  • Time to blow off because I don't want to go
  • Time to plan in pairs or by yourself

I will begin dropping in on collaboration meetings this week. Please make use of this time as it is provided to help create time for you to plan/discuss/share as a 4 person grade level team.

PD Day in the High School Auditorium

Please REGISTER for this event. You have been sent two emails about registering. Please do this ASAP if you haven't done so already!

Change in Transportation Messages

In order to help the office keep track of changes in transportation for the day we have started using a new bus change ticket. We are no longer using the white slips. The slips below are what we are using and help the office because they have a carbon copy. This helps us remember where kids are supposed to go when bus drivers call in and ask. Please take note of what they look like. Thanks!
Big picture

I Love This Picture

I saw this and got a smile on my face. Why, you ask? Well, I feel that at CNP we (from custodians to IA's to teachers, to nurse, to office staff, to SRO, to lunch ladies) all do a great job of this! Remember we all play an important role in every students life. Mrs. Shultz was telling me about her relative that passed recently. She was an educator and at her memorial many people told lots of stories about how she impacted their life! You make a difference, even if they never tell you! Keep being PHENOMENAL!!!!
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Upcoming Morning Meetings

Wednesday: Staff meeting to discuss Tier Time and Walking Program

Thursday: 2nd Grade Only meeting with Mr. Wesson

Important Dates:

9/06: 1st Grade to Merry Lea

09/10: Teacher PD day, Student eLearning Day

09/13: Grandparent's Day/Book Fair (please start putting this in your newsletters)

10/03: Indianapolis Opera 'Not-So Ugly Duckling' @ 9:30

10/24: Fall Break

10/25: Fall Break

10/26: Fall Break

12/13: 2nd Grade Music Program

**If you have important dates please send them to me and I'll add them here!**