Principles of the Constitution

Week 4 Asynchronous Assignment

1. Explore the Structure of the U.S. Constitution

Think of the Constitution as a draft of an essay. What is its structure? The preamble acts as an introduction, the articles act as the body, and the amendments act as revisions or additions to the body. There is no conclusion as the Constitution is considered to be a living document.

  1. Read the Preamble. Consider the purpose(s) government.
  2. Skim through the entire document. Read the first two sentences of every section.
  3. Consider what each section of the Constitution discusses.
Follow the link to access a copy of the U.S. Constitution:


Assignment Task

2. Analyzing the Principles of the Constitution.

After going over the U.S. Constitution:

  1. Go over the Principles of the Constitution Notes to refresh yourself on the descriptions for each principle:
  2. Type the descriptions for each principle using your own words, in the attached handout: will need to download as Word Document.
  3. In the document above, Explain which principle you believe to be the most important. Provide evidence/examples to support your claim.

  • Use the Constitution to answer the second question under each principle. Hint:Refer back to the first two sentences of each section of the Constitution. All questions can be answered using the Constitution except for Judicial Review.


Basic Principles

Popular Sovereignty

What is it?

How is the Preamble of the Constitution an example of Popular Sovereignty?

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Limited Government

What is it?

How do the Bill of Rights limit the government's power?

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Separation of Powers

What is it?

According to the first three articles of the Constitution, how is power separated among the 3 branches-meaning what power does each article grant the 3 branches of government?

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Checks and Balances

What is it?

Explain how the veto process is an example of checks and balances.
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Judicial Review

What is it?

What does the case Marbury vs. Madison have to do with judicial review?

Watch the attached video below...
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Marbury v Madison Explained: US History Review


What is it?

Explain how the formal amendment process is an example of federalism.
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