dōDROPS Dispatch

Your January dōTERRA News!

Happy New Year!

We hope your new year will be filled with blessings and good health! Thank you for being part of the dōDROPS family!

We welcomed many new people to our doDrops Family in the last two months! We welcome Sheree, Alice, Barb, Rashelle, Wendy, Julie, Kendra, Amy, Andrea, Brenda, and Jenna. You will find our community one which will help you grow and learn about natural healthcare alternatives for your family. Remember we are here to help you on your oil journey; if you have questions at any time please reach out to us! We are excited to have you part of our team and look forward to sharing oils with you in 2016!

As we begin a new year, think about what positive changes you can make to your family's lifestyle. What are you going to do this year to make yourself and your entire family more healthy? Maybe it is eliminating synthetic cleaning compounds, or cutting down on foods made with harmful preservatives. Whatever you are doing in 2016 to make a healthier you, we would love to assist you! DōTERRA is a great place to start when you commit to healthier living!

January Class Calender

Tuesday January 19th - Emotional Health with Oils FACEBOOK Class 9-10pm

Thursday January 28th - Intro to Oils 7-8pm Location is TBD

*Bring a friend for an extra oil

Saturday Feburary 6th - Membership Overview / Business Training 10am - 12:30pm

Location: Bethel Rd. Panera

Do you have a membership and not really sure how to make the most of it? This is a great class to come to! We will review how to use the website, how to get the most for your money, and everything that is included in a membership. We will also go over the business opportunity provided by dōTERRA and how to start getting your oils paid for.

Facebook Workshops

We are now running 5-day Facebook classes called "Natural Solutions Workshop" for people who would like to invite their family and friends to take a deeper look at how essential oils can work for their families. Through hosting a Facebook class you have the opportunity to earn free oils and gain a better understanding of how to use oils within your family. This is a great way to get your oil questions answered and learn more about why oils work and how to use them safely. If you have purchased a kit and find yourself asking ", Okay, now what do I do?", this is a great way to learn without leaving the comfort of your own home!

For more information about our classes and to RSVP for the above events, go to our Facebook page. Find us under Supporting Health with Essential Oils.

*We teach our classes at different locations around Columbus, so please be sure to check our Facebook page for each specific event location, or email us for more information!

About Us

We work together as dōTERRA Wellness Advocates. Our lives have been blessed by oils, and we want to share our knowledge and our experience with others. We can help you begin your dōTERRA journey!

Please contact us with any questions about oils, how they can help support you and your family's health, if you would like a sample, or if you would like to join our team. Please don't be shy

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"New Year New You" is a wonderful promotion, and we are so glad dōTERRA has brought it back this year! Enroll in January with 100 points(PV), start the Loyalty Rewards Program in February with 100 points(PV) and you will get 100 product points for FREE! That is $100 to spend on oils! You will need a special code for this promotion, please contact us so we can help you.
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So excited they decided to extend this promotion from December. If you missed out on your FREE Frankincense in December, make sure to grab one in January. Any order with 200pv will qualify for a free 15 ml Frankincense if your order is placed before the 15th.
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Membership Overview

If you have a membership with dōTERRA but don't really understand what that means or how to fully take advantage of that, contact us so we can do a membership overview and answer all your questions. We can do an overview over the phone, Skype, or in person! We can show you how to love your dōTERRA products even more by earning product points for your purchases!

dōDROPS Promotions

We love giving away oils to our dōDROPS family! We really appreciate your support and want to give you a little something each month! Always check our newsletter for our offers each month.

Enrolling for the first time? We always offer extra promotions. Contact us to discuss your enrollment options.

Loyalty Rewards Program Users:

100 PV: 2 5ml Roller Bottles

200 PV: 2 10ml Roller Bottles

Roller bottles are a great way to use oils and keep them handy! Our children love to roll the oils on their feet, and it is an easy way to make an oil safe for use with children. The bottles make it so easy to dilute the oils when necessary or desired.

Our Dimond Leader Melissa King is raffeling off a FREE dōTERRA Touch Kit and a FREE Frankincense when you place a 200 PV LRP order before the 15th of January. I will check to see if anyone on our team should get a raffel ticket and make sure to include you.

Science Spotlight

Bioactivity of Essential Oils

"Essential oils are physiologically active, which means they directly influence the body. Unique structural features of essential oils allow them to be active both on the surface of cells and within cells."