It's Time for Safety

Lab Safety Rule # 1

Read all instructions before beginning the. Lab.

Lab Safety Rule # 2

Wear proper lab attire--goggles, gloves, apron, and closed toed shoes--to protect your eyes, body, and clothes.

Lab Safety Rule # 3

Know the location and proper use of the first aid kit, fire blanket, fire extinguisher, eye wash, safety shower , and fume hood.

Lab Safety Rule # 4

Know the safety hazards of each material. Read the SDS.

Lab Safety Rule # 5

No horseplay in lab. Be aware of potential hazards when working with heat, chemicals, or glassware. No eating or drinking in lab .

Lab Safety Rule # 6

When working with a Bunsen burner, tie back long hair and loose clothing. Point test tubes away from yourself and others.

Lab Safety Rule # 7

When working with chemicals, never pour unused chemicals back into the original container. When diluting an acid, add acid to water.

Lab Safety Rule # 8

When working with hot glassware use tongs.

Lab Safety Rule # 9

Notify teacher immediately if there is an accident.

Lab Safety Rule # 10

Dispose of chemicals as directed by your teacher. Dispose of broken glass in separate sharps container.

Lab Safety Rule # 11

Clean your work area.

Lab Safety Rule # 12

Wash your hands with soap and water.