Career Presentation

By: Bianka Reyes

Personality Test

I am a color orange, which means I act on a moments notice. I consider life as a game here and now, I need fun, variety, stimulation and excitement. This also means I am an extrovert. I would rather go have fun with my friends insted of being at home. I don't plan things, like I could call all my friends and invited them to the movies tonight, I didn't had that plan its just whatrever comes to my mind.I like doing different things each day I can't stand doing the same thing each day all over again.
The ten jobs I chose work well for extroverts and provide verity and do something new each day. And also require a great deal of social skills. The job that i chose matches with my personality and because they are all jobs taking place inside and they are for extroverts. Im a social person and that matches for the job i chose.

Supply Chain Manager

In the future I would like to be a supply chain manager because i think I would be good with organizing every product, and i would like to wake up knowing that I won't have to do the same thing everyday. And i feel like the salary is just right and it would reach all my expenses.

Lamar University

I choose Lamar University because is not as expensive and it not far away from home, and that will be good for me so i can visit my family often. Lamar university has what I'm looking for and from what i heard it sounds like a good university.
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My annual salary needed is $88,883 is just perfect for my job salary. My job salary is $105,060 per year so Ill have $16,177 to save or help my family. I feel like i just got the perfect job i get the perfect salary per year.