Friday Newsletter

September 25, 2015

Class Connect Sessions

The 4th grade teachers have been working over-time this week to dig into the new NWEA data and create small math and reading groups that will begin next week. Depending on your student's need, they may be be meeting 1 - 3 times a week in the areas of math and reading for their small groups. All students will still be invited to whole group math and reading on Thursday, and whole group history and science on Friday. Here are the expectations for class connect sessions:

Small group reading: 1- 3 times a week, depending on NWEA data.

Small group math: 1- 3 times a week, depending on NWEA data.

Writing @ 11: twice a week with a possible work day on Friday (if needed)

Whole Group Reading: Thursday @ 9

Whole Group Math: Thursday @ 10 (National Math Lab students are not required to attend)

Whole Group History: Friday @ 9

Whole Group Science: Friday @ 10

* Please know that we are trying our hardest to avoid changes in the future, but we know it may still happen. Please look for a kmail with the subject of "ILP Action Qtr 1." For reporting purposes, DIBELS, NWEA reports, and class connect schedules will be sent out with this heading.

*Make sure you check your plan bright and early on Monday morning. We will try our hardest to have sessions created as soon as possible.

Question of the Day: Student Progress

Here at MVCA, students are expected to complete 2% - 3% in their courses each week. Here is the breakdown where students should be based on their start date:

Start date of September 8: 6% - 9%
Start date of September 14: 4% - 6%
Start date of September 21: 2% - 3%

Writing Reminders

*Writing will be held twice a week at 11. Make sure you have your writing link ready for class! Please check your previous kmail for the link, and make sure you bookmark it! Our time will be dedicated to instruction, and we will not be able to pull up your link during writing.

*Since writing is being solely taught by the teachers, it is imperative that you attend every session. This will be the only way you will earn composition lessons to be marked off.

*Your homeroom teacher will be making a copy of your writing and putting it in your digital portfolio. We will be saving and clearing out your previous writing samples so you have a clean slate for our writing sessions. Don't panic if your writing isn't there; we have it on file and will happily share it with you.


Administration has made some changes over the summer to help improve our students’ schooling experience and impact academic growth. These changes include a new grading system where participation and attendance in class connections and testing are weighted in addition to OLS progress and submitted assignments. In addition, you will see an increase in instructional class connect sessions throughout the day and week. The number of sessions will vary from student to student and is largely based on an individual’s need for support, remediation and/or enrichment. They are a requirement. Another change that we are adjusting to this year, is that we have a defined instructional day. We are in session from 9am-4pm.

MVCA is shifting to teachers having a greater and more consistent role in the actual “teaching” of content. With that being said, MVCA is taking on more characteristics of the public school that we are. Please remember that as a public school we are accountable to the State of Michigan, in addition to K12, GVSU (Charter) and our Board of Education. Ultimately, we feel that we are putting in place a plan that will impact our students on a greater level and help our students see more success.

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