Marriage equality rights

What does love look like? Why does it matter?

Big Question: Why are people so against same sex marriage?

What states ban same sex marriage?

Legal or Illegal?

In the USA there are some states that are allowing same sex couples to get married in those states. Most of the states that allow same sex couples to get married are all usually together. For example the original 13 colonies are all together and they are all allowing marriage of same sex couples. A big chunk west side is blue with means that same sex couples are allowd in thoes states. The red means that same sex marriage is totally illegal in those states. The yellow color represents which states have said that they are going to be neutral on the subject. It's not legal nor illegual to get married as a same sex couple in that state. The purple means that same sex marriage is legally complicates inthose states.
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The other side

When two people really love each other they should be able to get married. Jessica Barrow and Mireille Haddad want to adopt a child but the people at the adoption place told them that they couldn't adopt a baby because they were lesbian. The people said that they weren't alloud to do anything if they were lesbian and when they went to the Surpreme Court then they had to fight for there relationship and for adopting a child.(
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