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Welcome to Singapore

Singapore is a thriving economical heaven of trading and architecture. Singapore is a tropical paradise as well as the richest country in Southeast Asia. What Singapore lacks in size it makes up in sheer beauty.

Singapore-"land of tropical bliss and happiness"

Geography of Singapore

Singapore is made up of 63 islands. The largest island known as Palau Ujong. Singapore has a tropical rain forest climate with temperatures from 73-90 °F. Singapore also has high humidity and a lot of rainfall. Singapore used to be a rain forest, but now only 5% of Singapore is rain forest. The rest of Singapore is all urban area.
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People and culture

Most of the people in Singapore are Buddhist. Singapore's main language is English. Singapore is a very diverse country. Singapore got its independence in 1963. Many of the citizens were Chinese laborers. Along the years the different cultures have mixed to make a distinct Singaporean culture.

There are worshiping places from all three major religions in Asia: Islam,Hinduism and Buddhism. Singaporeans aren't delineated according to skin color because they are so diverse. Singapore is generally socially conservative yet liberalization still happens. Singapore has amazing architecture and art, it is a society based on innovation. Singapore is also a major trading country because their whole country is a port.

Four out of five Singaporeans live in an apartment because the land is so scarce in this small country. Domestic helpers are very common in Singapore; there are 200,000 domestic helpers currently in Singapore. Eating and shopping is the country's national pastime. The different styles of food are all mixed into many savory dishes.


The Singaporean laws are very strict concerning the cleanliness of the city. Singapore does not tolerate littering and frowns upon chewing gum in public. . Singapore is a parliamentary republic. they get that from Britain which ruled them until 1963.

The executive power resides with the Prime Minister along with his cabinet. There is a mandatory death penalty for murder, drug trafficking, and firearms offenses. Singapore is rated top among order and security.


Singapore is a paradise of economical bliss. It's economy is based off of Britain's economy because it used to be a British colony. Singapore has a free market economy. The Singaporean economy is known as one of the most innovative, most competitive, and most business-friendly in the world. The economy depends on exports and imported good. As you can can probably tell by now Singapore is a trading country. Singapore is one of the world's top three oil refining centers.