LGTH's Monthly Newsletter

February 2015


Thank you to everyone who made it to work on Monday after the snowstorm! We know winters in Chicago can be harsh and we appreciate your effort and commitment to working with us at LGTH! We're all in this together:)!

Your Directors,

Erin, Melissa, and Jennifer

Not too sure about this wet stuff on my foot!

The happy Cedar family:)!


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"Congratulations to Liz for being February's Employee of the Month! Liz started working with LGTH at our West Loop location years ago and in the time we have known her we've watched her grow into an amazing teacher and outstanding woman! Her passion for teaching is evident in her effort and patient demeanor. She has great relationships with her kiddos, families, and co-workers. Liz is truly special with her ability to notice and acknowledge everyone around her. We are honored to have such a kind, positive, and talented team member at LGTH!"

"Ms. Tracy, I always see Tracy with a smile on her face, she's always there to help out in both of her classrooms and so friendly with every associate and kiddo :)."

"Ms. Mollie, I think Mollie does a great job of organizing her classroom. She always has art work displayed tastefully. I also see her working on lesson plans on her lunch break so I know she works hard! She is always very friendly and considerate of her coworkers."

"Kelsey has taken the front desk and made it so fun! Sticker Friday, the pirate ship, creating hangouts after work/helping plan the Holiday party, etc. She Really creates unity in the workplace."

"Pamela loves her job so much and is so friendly and sweet to everyone!"

"Ms Nicole is very passionate, loves all the kids, and I've learned a lot from her:)."

"Kelsey genuinely cares about everyone on staff and goes out of her way to be extra great with the families."

"Claudia is awesome to work with! She's just great!"

"Welcome to the LGTH team Christine!"

**Don't forget to recognize your co-workers. The shout-out box is located in the staff lounge.**

News and Reminders

  • Dress code: Jeans are reserved for jean day only. If we are going to have a jean day, we will post a sign in the staff lounge the day before. Also, jeans should be presentable and appropriate for working with children. i.e.: no rips, holes, ect..
  • Shoes infant rooms: Removing your shoes or wearing booties in the infant rooms prevents tracking dirt and other unwanted items into the rooms. It is especially important in these winter months. If you take your shoes off, please make sure that you put them back on before roaming the hallways, using the restroom, etc.. to ensure the same.
  • Bulletin boards: Please make sure you are keeping up with the bulletin boards in your classroom and in the hallways. They should be up to date with themes and seasons.
  • Bulletin board paper: In an attempt to recycle our bulletin board paper, we ask that you please place any used paper in the container located in the staff lounge for reuse.
  • Recycling: Just a reminder that any recycled items should be placed in a bag and marked with a large "R" at the end of the day. The Earth says Thanks:)!
  • Facebook: LGTH Lakeview officially has its own Facebook page, separate from the West Loop's. We will be working to update it more regularly. Please send any pictures, mention-worthy events, etc.. to either Melissa or Jennifer moving forward.
  • Cell phones: Cell phones should ONLY be used in the classroom to take pictures of your kiddos. They should be put away immediately following, somewhere out of sight. Please follow this policy, so that I can stop writing this reminder!
  • Events: Please see below for detailed information about upcoming event.

February Events

LGTH Valentine's Day Party

Friday, Feb. 13th, 3:30pm

3111 N Ashland Ave

Chicago, IL

We will be having a school-wide Valentine's Day party. Parents and families are welcome to join your class. Please have a sign-up sheet for snacks and refreshments and an activity planned to show your love:). Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day

Saturday, Feb. 14th, 12am

Chicago, IL, United States

Chicago, IL

President's Day/Teacher in-service

Monday, Feb. 16th, 9am

3111 N Ashland Ave

Chicago, IL

We will be having a teacher in-service on Monday, February 16th. LGTH will be closed to families, so please remind your parents as it approaches. We will be providing bagels and juice for you to enjoy prior to the start of the meeting.


  • Staff meeting
  • Breakaway for Opening Minds training with designated age-groups
  • Mid-day dismissal
  • All three take-home assignments need to be completed by Friday, February 27th and can be accessed at the link below.


You will need your Gateway to Opportunity Registry Member ID number to register for the Professional Development courses listed below.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS)

An Introduction to Transitions


**Have an outstanding resource you'd like to share with your co-workers? Let Jennifer know and she can add it to the next newsletter.**