Nat Turner Rebellion

Southampton Insurrection

What is it?

Slave Rebellion.

When/where was it?

This rebellion took place in Southampton County, Virginia. It happened in August 1831.

What Caused it?

Turner and 70 other slaves and started the rebellion. They were tired of being treated very poorly. They didn't have enough to eat. They were very tired from working 10-12 hours a day with little or no breaks.

Who was involved?

Nat Turner was the main person in this rebellion. 70 other slaves helped also. The white people tried to stop it but most of them were killed. They didn't like each other because of the way both sides were treated.


48 black men and women got charges of conspiracy, insurrection, and treason. The state executed 56 people. Over 200 black people were killed by white militias and mobs. On October 30, a white farmer discovered Turner in a hole covered with fence rails. He was later arrested.

Lasting Effects

Trials from the rebellion continued for months.