Captain America

The First Avenger

The Hero's Journey

Call To Adventure- Steve Rogers receives an opportunity to be drafted in the US army in WWII. (Which by the way is his lifelong dream.)

Assistance- Rogers receives help from Dr. Abraham Erskine, a German scientist that has invented a super serum. He plays the role of the herald and the mentor. He will later equip Steve with the serum and allow him to be a superhero.

Departure- Steve leaves his ordinary world and is shipped to enemy lines to be trained for combat. He is still skinny and has many medical problems. Also, he is bullied by the other men in his squad rant.

Trials- After Rogers is pumped full of serum, he faces many emotional and physical challenges. He is upset because after he has the serum he has been forbade to use his powers. He is given to the Senator, and puts on shows to advertise the war and to get the people to buy bonds. When he finds out that his friend and 50 other men have been captured by Hydra. So, against his orders, he flies with Lt. Peggy Carter, a woman with whom he fell in love with during his training, and Howard Stark, to save the imprisoned men. He saves his friend and forms a team called the howling commandos. In an attempt to stop Hydra, his friend Bucky dies.

Approach- Steve fights his arch-enemy, RedSkull, in an ultimate battle to save America.

Crisis- In fighting RedSkull, he is put in a position where he has to crash his plane in order to save everyone. Redskull is sucked into the void of space through a black hole created by the Tesseract. He was frozen within ice for 70 years.

(I'm skipping Treasure because it doesn't apply)

Result- Steve leaves the special world when he is melted from the ice and is transported by SHIELD to present-day NYC. He is a little shocked but he adjusts to his new Ordinary World.

Return- Cap is a little daunted in the face of it but he adjusts to his new Ordinary World.

New Life- Steve has been changed for the better physically and mentally. Yes, he is heart-broken, but he ultimately comes out on top.

Resolution- Captain America begins to work with SHIELD and finds a new routine with the Avengers

Status Quo- Back to ordinary life but now he is at a new level in the social order, he is a hero.

Captain America's Heroic Traits

  • kindness
  • morality
  • leadership
  • bravery
  • above social norms
  • valor
  • virtue
  • selflessness
  • competence
  • determination
  • wit
  • relatability

What Are His Motivations?