Come to our steamboat

By: David Kaiser

Advantages/ Disadvantages

Advantages: A steam boat is a lot faster than an ox cart so you could get to places faster. Steam boats are used on the water and they weren't like most other boats. Most boats back then had a sail that would be powered by the wind. With a steam boat you didn't need a windy day to sail on the water. It was impossible for someone to travel upstream with a sail ship, but with the steam boat you could. The engines were fueled by coal.

Disadvantages: Coal cost a lot. The cost to power the engines were very expensive. You needed a lot of coal to power a steam boat cause they weighed a lot. They were pretty expensive to ride too. They got you where you wanted to go if you could afford it. Some people died on steam boats too. Explosions from the engine killed many people on the steam boats.

Steamboat History

Relates to North Dakota

The Missouri River was a big road or passage way for steam boats. The Missouri
River was one of the biggest rivers that steamboats used. It goes from Montana to The Gulf of Mexico. The Missouri River goes through North Dakota so that's how it relates to North Dakota.