The Conquest Of China


It's 1253 in china all you could see was smoke there was a war going on a war led by kublai khan

The Yuan Dynasty

The Yuan dynasty was established 1271 which ruled over present day Mongolia china Korea and some adjacent ares. Kublai khan led the mongols in the yuan dynasty to control and reunify all of china, and assumed the role of emperor of all china. 1279 the yuan dynasty had overcome the last of the resistance of the song dynasty. With the the mongols and the yuan dynasty and Kublai khan as there leader they went across seas to battle japan, but with horrible luck storms weekend there army a. when they got to japan with some of the people all ready killed they stood no chance against the Japanese army. they came back to china many people dead and there army weekend. years later they tried again this time no bad storms they went to japan with a army ready for battle but still failed to beat japans powerful army.

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Kublia Khan's painting 1279

Journey to be Empire of all China

Kublai's power was limited to all china and Mongolia he controlled 1/5 of the worlds inhabited land area. in 1279 he assumed the role of empire of all china. Kublai Khan was the first Non Chinese empire to conquer all of china. Before Kublai khan completed the conquest of china he was a great military leader. in 1259 Kublai helped his brother Mekong khan in the conquest of southern china penetrating successfully as far as Tibet and ton kin. between 1260 and 1279 he succeeded in driving the Tatars out of northern china and in sub doing rebellious factions among the mongols. in 1264 he founded his capital khanbaliq.

The Civil War

The Toluid civil war was fought between Kublai khan and his younger brother Ariq boke from 1260 to 1264 Mongke khan died 1259 with no declared winner precipitating infighting between member of the Tolui family for the title of great khan The Toluid Civil War, and the wars that followed it, weakened the authority of the Great Khan over the mongol empire. The Tolui family successfully enthroned their candidate for Great Khan, Möngke, The Ögedeid candidate for Great Khan, Shiremun, and his cousin Nakhu, were embittered by their loss and plotted a failed assassination of Möngke. Möngke took revenge by purging his opponents in the royal house, and members of both the


The conquest of china was made but then it was completed by are greatest warrior/leader yet Kublai khan.