Lakota Special Services


Alternate Assessment Training

Please remind new staff who will be administering the Alternate Assessment to sign up for the training at HCESC. If the staff member requires a sub, special services will cover the cost. Sarah T. sent out an email to administrators.
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3rd Times a Charm!

Remember to give Kathy your money for our office lottery. We won a grand total of 20.00 that will go toward this weeks numbers. I'm feeling confident this time. Get your marching gear on!

Federal announces to Ohio: No more extended standards!

We've recently learned from the state department that the extended standards will be phased out. We don't want to alarm folks because the timeline hasn't been shared. We will need to plan for this change for many of our students.

Data Meetings

Andrea and I will be attending data meetings in buildings. This is part of a joint collaboration with the Curriculum Department to gain a better understanding of how these meetings are run in individual building.