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my ad vice for you for no theft

there is 4types that theft go drew your thinks by lading them to inter in your personal in formation. The are first identity theft how to avowed them be careful what you sign where you but your information ,and also on your computer . never use you birth scientific for password that is in easy way for theft to get in your personal information as in identity. Second communications don ever give you information on the phone on a computer on other pages theft you uses calls to prove to get them your information to them as you win something that are not true. Third credit be careful what you send and give you r personal information as credit pin your 4 digit of social credit card .the fourth one is investment have some that has your money control on what you spend every single day its more that you have other person checking you r money account and what you speeded every day for to have and mind on your money to not have any theft that can go to your stuff. Last tax all ways be careful where you put your information on calming tax and always check that person that is doing your tax they can probably bee also the one s that are theft make soured that have all ready have more years working there for a company that you have hared from other person that have know you.don't listing to other person that make you have problems with the iris .be careful where you put your information who you give to also. Make sure you're balance is okay always have a next second person to .