Ranger's Apprentice book 10

Setting and characters

Ranger's Apprentice book 10 The emperor of Nihon-Ja takes place in the high mountains of Nihon-Ja basically the series version of China. The characters in this book very different one of them is Will and he is very proud and stealthy because he is a ranger along with his former mentor Halt. Another one of the main characters is Horace and he is a warrior sent to help the emperor of Nihon- Ja against the rebellion soldiers called the senshi. All of these characters grew as people by having one another as a friend. All of them are know around the kingdom of Arulean or their home because of their bravery and loyalty to the king. That is the setting and main characters of this book.

Beginning, Middle, and End of story

Emperor of Nihon- Ja summary

This book start off when Horace goes to Nihon-Ja to help the emperor with the rebelling force of soldiers who want the throne. But horace spends weeks there and back in Arulean Will, Halt, Evanlyn, and Alyss get worried so they go and try and fing him. When they got there the emperor was under attack by the seshi or the rebelling soldiers. So they were going to help the emperor defend against them. But they run out of troops so Evanlyn and Alyss go and find a tribe of people who are said to be very good fighters so they tell them and they go help the emperor too. So the senshi surrendered and the emperor got his kingdom back. So Will and friends went home.