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February 7, 2014

Library Website

Please check out the Library's website at There is a new AR (Accelerated Reader) widget that shows how many books and how many words our students have read. It also cycles through the covers of recently read books.

Also, on the top right, click on Book Blog to read reviews written by our students. Please let me know if you would like to write a review as well. I think the students would love to see some reviews written by their teachers!

Click on Teachers at the top, or go here ( for the Teacher resource page, where you can also find past editions of the newsletter.

Glenview Library Resources... more than just books!

Items available for teachers:

Cart with class set of net books to check out for use in your classroom

Professional Collection-- located in the Conference Room near the library doors

Playaways (audiobooks)-- on Playaway display rack

Big Books-- located in the Library Office/Workroom

DVDs and VHS-- located in the Library Office/Workroom

Books on tape-- located in the Library Office/Workroom

Wonderful Website: Project Based Learning

Find resources to read, watch, or interact with to learn more about what project based learning (PBL) is and how to implement it.

Some info from the about page:

  • "After completing a project, students remember what they learn and retain it longer than is often the case with traditional instruction. Because of this, students who gain content knowledge with PBL are better able to apply what they know and can do to new situations."
  • "The Common Core and other present-day standards emphasize real-world application of knowledge and skills, and the development of the 21st century competencies such as critical thinking, communication in a variety of media, and collaboration. PBL provides an effective way to address such standards."
  • "PBL allows teachers to work more closely with active, engaged students doing high-quality, meaningful work, and in many cases to rediscover the joy of learning alongside their students."
  • "Current models of PBL are not like some past examples of “doing projects” in which student learning outcomes were not clear. More rigorous and effective models of PBL, such as BIE’s, have been refined and tested in recent years in a variety of settings, subjects, and grade levels."
Click HERE to get to the full version of this infographic. It's aimed at college students, but it has super useful tips and tricks for anyone searching for anything with Google. Try it out!
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Quote of the Week

"Reading should not be presented to children as a chore or duty. It should be offered to them as a precious gift." —Kate DiCamillo
Glenview Library Website

With information for students, teachers, and parents.

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