Jonathan Autobiography

all about me

All about me

Hello my name is Jonathan, i am 8 years old and sometimes we go on a walk and then we stop at the park and i play with my sister and i like to play with my toy`s and my board games.

Meat my family

Meat my family i have a little sister that came from the hospital and i have another sister that is 5 years old and and my sister that is 5 years old she sometimes she get`s really mad.And i have 4 cousins some are good at soccer and my cousins have 3 dogs.sorry but i have to go.

My favorite events

My favorite events are.I like to play soccer i like holidays. I like to eat ice cream,pizza and cup cakes i like hanging with my friends like Kaleb,Tristan,Chandler and last my best friend Haven and my family.And i like pokemons.

My intrests

My favorite sport`s is soccer,baketball and football.I enjoy reading magic tree house,black lagoon,avengers and geronimo.I like to play candy land and twister.

Important goals

I want to accomplish 3rd grade.And i want to go all the way to college and i want to live my dream.I want to be a soccer player,foot ball player and a base ball player.


Well i am going to share a little bit of me. Did you know i really like soccer and i really like pokemons to battle well i am glad i shared my auto biogrphy