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12 Grade

Principal’s List

McKayla Alfarano

Brennan Bornas

Nathan Brewer

Andrew Chisek

Naudia Cuchinski

Haiden Edelberg

Amy Eisen

Lauren Gustafson

Ryan Knapp

Jake Kroepel

Parker Lanning

Alyssa Melcher

Luna Ramirez

Olivia Sutherland

Andrew Van Lente

Alexa Warren

Honor Roll

German Casiano

Joshua Creasy

Jaylin Daugherty

Jadyn Emery

Courtney Essmyer

Tina Etemi

Annabel Farlow

Andrew Fish

Ethan Fish

Camdon Geisler

Madison Hagood-Saunders

Hannah Hart

Jacob Heater

Joshua Heater

Nathan Isbrecht

Tony Isbrecht

Brianna Kierstead

Dominick Klein

David Koshar

Faith Lucas

Elijah Marshall

Hailey Morrison-Schuck

Erika Nykamp

Avery Openneer

Allison Pline

Jodi Prillwitz

Addison Riley

Mia Ryan

Raine Scott

Aleah Scroggs

Jovana Solis

Jakob Stibal

Lacie Strunk

Savanah Taylor

Emmaley Thornburg

11th Grade

Principal’s List

Brady Bornas

Kameron Bultema

Jennifer Garcia

Lillyanne Lefor

Kyersten Long

Reegan McConnell

Kendall Molter

Paige Williams

Tyson Williams

Honor Roll

Frankie Alfarano

Dakota Andreson

Brenden Camp

Bryton Cockrun

Royce Daugherty

Samantha Dietz

Victoria Grzanich

Zachary Hastings

Myah Hobson

Brianna Hoy

Kaden Jonjevic

Wynter Kerr

Kyler Krugler

Lilanne Liberto

Yoana Martinez-Calderon

Kendra Overton

Kristine Preston

Jaylie Querfurth

Ella Shaffer

Tristan Steltner

Kristina Swanson

Andrew Torres

Hailey Variell

Ariona Wagner

Daniel Weckwerth

Esperanza Zuniga

10th Grade

Principal’s List

Melissa Cardozo-Aviles

Grace Chisek

Wyatt Epple

Ella Harris

Natalie Hart

Alexis Hoadley

Lydia Koshar

Lauren Laws

Morgan Lowell

Lyvia Summers

Chase Tremblay

Abigail Whorton

Honor Roll

Aidan Bethea

Reise Bulat

Tia Caldwell

Kaitlynn Cockrun

Samuel Crago

Paige Culberson

Bianca Freeman

Devin Geisler

Ellie Golden

Johanna Granados

Tara Halamka

Alexander Hicks

Hailey Hutchens

Aleigha Jackson

Abigail Lomoro

Lauren Lovell

Michael Melcher

Jacob Milham

Amara Olexa

Julia Pepple

Elsa Perez-Cruz

OIivia Price

Julie Rudell

Jacob Schaefer

Marleigh Schultz

Aleah Sexton

Anya Sexton

Kameron Smith

Trevor Tavolacci

Keziah White

Jonah Wise

Taylor Woollett

Hailey Yerington

Connor Zwar

9th Grade

Principal’s List

Alyssa Brown

Owen Epple

Lucas Isbrecht

Hector Salguero

Austin Smith

Lilly Summers

Courtney Van Lente

Natalie Van Lente

Susannah Weckwerth

Gabrielle Wisdom

Honor Roll

Hayden Arnosky

Tyler Asakevich

Jordan Brule

Ilee Burgess

Makena Edelberg

Sydnee Enders

Emma Ferguson

Kendall Goodrich

Zackary Gruszczyk

Rosanne Grzanich

Kayden Harrington

Maecy Howard

Aubrey James

Erick Jimenez-Desantiago

Tyler Kuehl

Daniel Mandujano-Jimenez

Ayana Marshall

Riley-Lynn Menkhaus

Charles Morris

Heidi Morrison

Yanel Nava-Aviles

Angel Nearpass

Aubrey Noe

Christopher Ortega-Calderon

Riley Preston

Adalynn Richards

Kimberly Romero-Chairez

Logan Schaefer

Cecily Schoonover

Christian Shriver

Jocelyn Solis

Emmett Williams

Jorge Zuniga


Breakfast & Lunch will be available starting June 13th. Breakfast will be served from 7:15 till 10:30 am and Lunch will be available from 11:00 till 1:15, Monday through Thursday. Exception, no Meals on Monday, July 4th.

All meals will need to be eaten on-site, sorry government rules for this summer. We will be putting up signs outside over the next few days. Meals are available at all schools, students may go to the school closest to their homes to eat. All meals served will be on the same menu at all locations.

Parents are welcome to bring any child, children of any age, regardless if they are the child's parent or not. Meals are for children only, if an adult would like to purchase a meal, the cost for a breakfast would be $2.80 and $5.15 for a lunch. Again, sorry, government-funded programming.



Summer School Expectations 2022--Please review with your child if he/she is attending.

Session 1: June 20-July 14 (NO CLASS ON JULY 4th) Monday -Thursday ONLY.

Session 2: July 18-Aug 11 (NO DAYS OFF) Monday-Thursday ONLY.

Students MUST be in their classroom at 8:15 AM. Breakfast is served in the cafe starting at 8 AM. Bus drop off is at 8 AM.

Students will have ONE 15 minute break during class time.

Students are dismissed from class at 12 NOON. Lunch is served in the cafe at 12 NOON. The bus will leave school from the cafe to head home at 12:15 PM.

Reasons for Dismissal from Summer School:

The purpose of summer school is to recover credit. Students who are not working actively to recover credit should not be attending summer school.

–If a student has a third absence from summer school, the student is not permitted to return.

–If a student receives 3 behavioral referrals, the student is not permitted to return.

–If a student is not completing at least 25% or more of a full course on a weekly basis, the student is not permitted to return.

–If a student has 10% or less to complete in a class, it MUST be completed in ONE week or less.

Students who are dismissed from summer school for any reason, are welcome to keep the Chrome Book for the summer and continue to work at home, but are not allowed to attend summer school face to face.

Since summer school is only four days a week for less than four hours, students will have to work in the course in the afternoons and in the evenings at home in order to effectively complete the course on time. If a wifi device is needed, please reach out to Ms. Powers.

Summer school teachers for the high school are: Mr. Corkins and Mrs. Zuniga.

Mr. Corkins:

Mrs. Zuniga

**Students who are found to be in possession of any contraband (vapes, vaping devices, vaping liquid, THC, or any of the like) will be dismissed immediately from summer school and not permitted to return.

2022-2023 Calendar Dates

Take a look at the list of high school calendar dates for next year. These are both the building and district dates. Additional dates will continue to be added throughout the course of the year.

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Join me for virtual check-ins to get updates, learn about upcoming events, ask questions, and share concerns. All of these meetings are virtual and will be held at 6 PM on the dates listed. A google meets link will be shared out in advance of each meeting.
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Pre-Calc Celebrates with Breakfast

The tradition continues...

PreCalc celebrates the end of the 2021-2022 school year with breakfast at Hot Spot!

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