Uvalde High School Newsletter

Week of January 25, 2021

Message from the Principal

Greetings Coyote/Lobo Nation!

We are in full swing of our second week of having students on campus and I must say that I have no doubt we will continue to gain momentum. I continue to ask the the Coyote/Lobo family to do our part in navigating through these times by being safe and observing all guidelines. We will continue to move forward because of everyone's ability to adapt to the different changes that we encounter. We will demonstrate our commitment and pride in doing everything possible to keep our students actively engaged and participating in their in-person/virtual classrooms.

We, at Uvalde High School, look forward in providing the best instruction possible. Again, let's do our part. Thank you for your trust and support! "Rep the U!"


Miguel A. Castillo, Principal

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Coyote Pact

Coyotes and Lobos have a shared responsibility to take steps to minimize the risk of COVID-19 infections on our campuses.

Every member of our Coyote and Lobo community – including you – must do their part.


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UHS Library Resources

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Uvalde High School - Our Vision & Mission

UHS Vision Statement

Uvalde High School will create and foster a culture of achievement where students will become contributing members of a global society.

UHS Mission Statement

Uvalde High School will provide students the opportunities to think critically, problem solve, and become independent learners.

Uvalde High School - Believing in "U"

Uvalde High School administration, teachers and staff will help develop, implement, and maintain a culture of service that is based on the following:

Students always come first &

All students can learn and achieve.

This precept simply states that failure will not be tolerated. We will believe that when a child fails to learn, it is the system that fails – not the child. The campus (administration and the entire staff) must assume ownership and accept accountability for the learning outcomes of every child. The students shall be held no more accountable than the adults and vice versa. We will value the individual, their intrinsic value and ability to be part of their decision process in attaining a quality education. This belief will provide the foundation that promotes a culture that continuously strives for excellence.