What Are black Holes?

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How black holes work

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What Black Holes Are

Black holes aren't made naturally. They are one of the stages of a star.A black hole is the last part of a stars life. A black hole is a crushed atom in the process transforming into a black hole sucking in the star and going somewhere no one no's and leaving no trace of the star left.

What Black Holes Do

Black holes travel all over the universe sucking light,planets,moons, and whole solar systems. Black holes suck up every thing that gets close enough even light and thats why black holes are pitch black.If a black hole got close to our solar system it would pull asteroids down to our atmosphere hurdling them to earth creating the beginning of the end. First it would suck up the atmosphere and then the earth itself.

What Black Holes Destroy

Black holes can swallow whole solar systems and planets smashing them together.Black holes wander around the universe creating massive destruction out of anything that gets close enough leaving destruction behind them. Sometimes if they're asteroids near by then it would hurl them to planets make the planets plates a inferno.

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Key Words

Destruction means destroying or breaking a item or multiple items.

Transforming means to form or to into something different.

Swallow means to consume or suck in a object or multiple objects.

Atmosphere means the gravity around the earth that pulls down objects.

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What do black holes do?

What do black holes destroy?

What are black holes?

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If a black hole will ever come?

If we will survive a black hole?

If the Sun will become a black hole?

What would happen if we got sucked in to a black hole?

If science know what will ever happen to us?

If the future be safe?

If people will be worried about the future?

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