Steppingstone Family Blast

Thursday March 26, 2020

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From the Director's Desk

Ms. Hannah updates everyone on school closures, technology distribution, final grades, SPED & ELL supports, PSSAs, free internet access, and Steppingstone announcements.
From the Director's Desk 2
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March 28 - Summer Math Test

Check your email for more information regarding the summer program.

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Ms.Jasmine's Weekly Exercises

Social Distancing? No problem, we can still work out our bodies at home! This is a video of some cardio exercises the scholars and their family members can do at home. These exercises target your heart, lungs, legs, arms, and back. Take your time, stay hydrated, and learn some fun workout techniques right at home.
Daily Blast #1

Mental Health Tip

Write Those Emotions Down

Staying at home can be fun at times but also boring too! Take the time to write down how you are currently feeling with this worksheet based on the emojis. Let out your frustrations through your pen/pencil but also think about things that make you happy and write about them too. Know that this period of time will not last forever. :)

-Ms.Jasmine, Duckrey Elementary

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Philly Zoo at 2:00

Philly Zoo at 2 is a daily Facebook live program that takes viewers behind the scenes, highlights the Zoo’s amazing animals and the keepers who are caring for them while everyone is home taking care of themselves, and takes viewers on an adventure enabling them to connect with wildlife and see their favorite animals.

This is posted on the Philadelphia Zoo Facebook page that can be easily found through a google search if one does not have a Facebook account.

--Ms.Daniel, Dunbar Elementary

The Who's Who in History - "Self Made" Madam CJ Walker

Weekly Informational Text - telling the story of America through its leaders, revolutionaries, visionaries, inventors, entertainers—and even its most notorious villains.

--Mr. Will, Bethune Elementary

Hair Love Short Film

Hair Love, an Oscar®-winning animated short film from Matthew A. Cherry, tells the heartfelt story of an African American father learning to do his daughter’s hair for the first time.

--Ms.Lexi, Dunbar Elementary

Hair Love | Oscar®-Winning Short Film (Full) | Sony Pictures Animation

Brain Teasers

Answers at the bottom of the Blast! No cheating :)

--Ms. Julia, Duckrey Elementary

1. What starts with a p, ends with an e, and has thousands of letters?
2. What starts with a p, ends with an e, and has thousands of letters?
3. If you threw a white stone into the Red Sea, what would it become?
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ABC's with Dinosaurs

If a child has a tablet/iPad/can borrow their parents' phone for a short portion of the time they could download this app to use letter association with dinosaurs.

--Ms.Lexi, Dunbar Elementary

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6 Easy Magic Tricks to Learn

Finish all of your homework? Looking for something to do? Try learning these 6 cool magic tricks and impress your family!

--Ms.Ava, Duckrey Elementary

6 EASY Magic Tricks KIDS CAN DO!

Joke of the Day 😂

Why should you never shop at a notebook store?

Answer revealed in next blast!

Yesterday's joke: Why did the stone cross the road?

Answer: To get its steps in... get it... Steppingstone :)

Do you have a joke suggestion? Email it to and you might see your joke featured in the next Family Blast!

Ms.Rasheeda's Brain Pop Party

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The Mixed Up Chameleon

The Mixed-Up Chameleon learns an important lesson about being itself when it wishes it could be more like all the other animals it sees, but soon decides it would rather just be a chameleon.

--Ms.Lexi, Dunbar Elementary

The Mixed-Up Chameleon (The Very Hungry Caterpillar & Other Stories)

Ms.Mia's Story Corner

Write! Write! Write! The objective is to tell a fictional story about being trapped in the house with six feet of snow on the ground, but no shovel? How will you get out? Be as creative as possible. PS-superpowers are encouraged!

--Ms.Mia, Dunbar Elementary
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Time Game Challenge

Match the clock with the right digital time.

-Ms.Diana, Duckrey Elementary

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Learn Coding Basics From Home!

Do your children enjoy video games, phone apps, or computers in general? How would they like to learn how to make a game themselves? Scratch is a free coding language that was created by engineers at MIT for children 8-16 to learn coding basics. It will run on both desktop computers and tablets. Scratch does require a bit of time to get used to, but then it's off to the races! Middle school students with experience in coding may also want to look into robotics or engineering in clubs in their high school or Steppingstone next year.

--Ms.Naomi, Duckrey Elementary

Into the Spider Verse Inspirational Photo

"Everything you say and do creates an impact"

--Ms.Lexi, Dunbar Elementary

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Folk Art Landscapes

Follow the directions to create your own folk art landscape!

--Mrs.Daniel, Dunbar Elementary

Spring Video

--Ms.Lexi, Dunbar Elementary
Peep and the Big Wide World: Spring Thing

Student Spotlight

How are you staying active during the school closure? Reading a good book? Trying a new hobby? Working on your homework? Getting physical activity? Let us know! Submit a picture and a short statement about how you are staying active and you could be featured in our next newsletter!

Brain Teaser Answers!

How many did you get right?

1. Post Office

2. There are 18: 3 in the, 7 in English, and 8 in the alphabet.

3. Wet

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Steppingstone Scholars Inc.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have!

Director -Hannah Clements,

Bethune Coordinator - Chris Bulman,

Duckrey Coordinator- Jhanae Mahoney,

Dunbar Coordinator- Rasheeda Williams,

McMichael Coordinator- Robin Eli,