Being a Social Media King

Likeable Social Media by David Kerpen

Rule the Social Media Empire

Have you ever felt like you want to take control of the Internet? Many people want to become the head of a Social Media company. This book reveals the answers as to how you can do just so.

Likeable Social Media, The Book For You

Likeable Social Media is the book for you. If you are bored and would like to attempt to be the next online legend read this book. It gives you great pointers on how to target consumers and get them to use your product, so buy this book today!

Guaranteed to Give You Fun, Indeed


Why is social media so popular?

It gives people a free gateway to tons of information.

Is social media a waste of time?

Some may say so, but most say it is more of a distraction than a waste of time.

What is the average amount of tweets per minute?

600,000 to 1 million.

Social Media Revolution