The Impacts of Technology

By: Autumn Brown

Do we rule the world?

In a world full of constantly updated technology, we never really perceive the way it has either helped or hurt us. Were so caught up in being the superior ones, at the top of the food chain, and we rule the world but never really aware of the impact its having on us. Technology has its positive and negative affects. But how can we tell if the bad out weighs the good.

Depending on Technology

We use technology for almost everything now. Some might even say that we dependent on it too much. There's no where you can possibly go where there's not technology. It is now to the point that we revolve around technology. If you go some place public like the mall or an airport and just observe the people. Most of them will be holding their cell phones. But then again most people can't get around it because its their job. Essentially, you cant get a modern day job without being able to type or use a computer. In this era, people will look at you stangely if you don't have a smart phone or some type of technology because thats just the way things are now, it not normal to not have technology.


  • In schools
  • Jobs
  • Education online
  • At home
  • In cars
Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?


Technology has changed the way people connect with each other. Its both a good and bad thing because as technology advances, everyone puts less effort into having actually conversations and communicating face to face.People want to have group messages into of getting together to hang out. Although it sounds like technology is just changing us for the bad it does help strengthen relationships by keeping in contacts with:

  • Old friends
  • Colleagues
  • Co-workers
  • Distance family

Enhancing or Discontentment

Technology can either cause stress or it can improve someone's life. Especially for teens, with school, friends, and jobs are already on the their plate adding technology to it is just stuffing them. For example teens trying to keep up with social media rather than with school work. Sometimes just to fit in they create a fake image for themselves online becomes technology allows them to. But it can also be time saving, make you work better, and efficiently. You just have to be careful with your limits.
So as you can see there is really no way of telling if its good or bad for us because its both. It has positives and negatives to it. Its just the way you go about it and how much of your life your putting into it.Next time you use some type of technology think about if its helping or hurting you how it benefits or damages your life