Hoopla-Bound Haute Island Charms

Agenda and Getting the most out of your Hoopla Experience

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Congratulations! Hoopla is your ticket to an amazing business!

Hi Hauties!

I cannot tell you how excited I am! We are 15 STRONG which is an amazing number, especially for our little State of Hawaii! We have so much room to grow!
I am so excited for you to all experience your first HOOPLA and to see how you take the training, fun, new friendships and inspiration you learn here to grow your business back home. You will be so inspired and so energized for the year. Believe me this is transformative. By applying the training you receive, you'll earn 10 x more money, grow your team, and develop as a leader in our company.

Our team is doing an AMAZING job, and we have the eyes of our company on us as we grow our State and beyond. Hoopla will help you launch strong for fall, and to be able to share this with you is so exciting to me! I feel so blessed to have each and every one of you as not just teammates, but my friends and my Stella Sisters.

Here is my info:
Arrival: Saturday, July 13 - Hawaiian Airlines, 11:50 pm
Departure: Thursday July 18 Hawaiian Airlines 9am

My Hotel:

The Marriott Grande Chateau (two hotels over from the Paris, Next to Planet Hollywood

75 E Harmon Ave * Las Vegas, NV 89109
My cell: 808-265-8213

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Hoopla Events for the Haute Island Charms & New Hoopla Attendees


Registration begins 9am-2pm

Boutique and Gifting Suite open 9am-2pm

11:30-12:00 Hoopla 1st Timers Reception

12:00 – 12:30 Lead Stylist Welcome Reception

3-5pm Fashion show, Styling Session, Recognition/Awards

Boutique opens again at 5pm-8:30pm

5-5:30p -- Early Entry to the Jewelry Viewing Party -- Lead stylists and above

5:45p -- Sr. and Star Champagne toast -- VIP section of the viewing party

6:15pm -- Military Stylist pics (outside the viewing party room)

6:30-7pm -- Top 10s Champagne toast with Jessica

7-9pm Southern Charms Team Reception

NOTE: Please be there at 8pm at the latest for our team toast and Kudos

(We are all a part of the Southern Charms National Team)

Join us for a special reception for all Southern Charms team members. This is a chance to network, learn and have a drink with your teammates. There will be light pupus and drinks, and team Kudos, Awards, and Toasts at 8:00 pm


After the team reception, and team pics, we can all walk down together to Team Dinner

9:30 pm Haute Island Charms Team Dinner

Sugar Factory at The Paris Hotel of Las Vegas
3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Ala Carte Menu


see agenda below for Tuesday and Wednesday events, and the Hoopla App

for any schedule or location updates.

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Top Hoopla Tips

  • Think about what you want to get out of Hoopla – what skills, what tips. Also, who do you want to meet? Danielle? Anita? Jessica? Make the most out of your investment!
  • Bring flip-flops or flats for walking the hotel. Las Vegas hotels are notoriously ENORMOUS and it could be a 10-minute walk to the conference center from our rooms!
  • Take along a pashmina, cardigan sweater or blazer. The conference rooms are always cool, and we’ve heard that hotels in Vegas are freezing (to keep you awake!)
  • Pack a swimsuit. There is a pool at both Bally’s and the Paris Hotel. There are a few breaks in the action. You could always take a dip!
  • Pack light! You will have a bag of swag to carry home
  • Don't lug your heavy laptop, slides and powerpoint presentations will be available in the Stylist lounge
  • Share your excitement via social media-Get an Instagram or Twitter account, keep your phone charged
  • If you’re a girl who NEEDS her coffee every morning, GO DOWN EARLY! Lines get long fast. OR bring along those cute Starbucks “Via” packs to make your own iced coffee. (This is based on San Francisco experiences. Vegas is probably set up for large crowds…but just in case…!)
  • Bring some power bars, packs of nuts or other protein packed snacks in case you get low energy during the trainings. Also great for a quick breakfast on the go.
  • Bring tissues to general sessions. We’re not going to lie. Things can get pretty emotional! (In a good way.)
  • Make sure to have business cards for networking!
  • Take along a reusable bottle for water. HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE!
  • Bring a who-do-you-know-list with cell phone numbers and emails. You may want to text pictures of the new line to potential hostesses/stylists.
  • Bring an extra outfit, and an extra pair of shoes -- just in case you change your mind about what you want to wear. It’s nice to have options!
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