Mercer Island Ward Picinic

Come eat, play games, and hangout on the Lid

Friday, July 19th 6:00pm at the Lid Park

Bring yourself and your family and come enjoy some good food, fun people, and a great view for our annual Lid Picnic. Who knows, maybe there'll be some green jello and funeral potatos ;)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to be Mormon to attend?

A. Nope. There will be plenty of non-Mormons there. This is a casual, fun picnic. There'll be more talk about sports, recipes, and Mercer Island life than anything else.

Q. If I am a friend or neighbor will you try to convert me if I come?

A. Only if you want to be :) , otherwise this is about friends and families having a fun.

Q. If I am a Mormon and haven't been to church in a while will people judge me?

A. No. The funny thing about our ward is that we have a lot of retired people who have summer homes here, so we'll just assume you've been on vacation for a while ;) Besides, we'd rather see you with a hot dog in your hand on a Friday than not see you at all!

Q. Can I bring something other than green jello or funeral potatos?

A. Please do (unless that was your food assignment). If you haven't been assigned anything, feel free to just bring your appetite.

Guaranteed to be a fun time for the fam


Feel free to contact Bishop Tracy if you have any questions.