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ISSUE 16 - April 29, 2016

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SHS Core Values

Seekonk High School is committed to creating a safe, supportive environment where our students can develop the skills necessary to become independent thinkers and problem solvers capable of addressing the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. The staff, students, family, and community members will collaborate to create an atmosphere of compassion, appreciation of diversity, and mutual respect. We will provide stimulating academic and extracurricular programs that are relevant and engaging so we can meet the needs of all learners.

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Advanced Placement Exams!

AP exams start on Monday, May 2 with Chemistry. We are all proud of the effort the students have been putting in all year. We are certain our Warriors will do great! The whole schedule is as follows:

Monday, May 2: Chemistry

Wednesday, May 4: English Literature

Thursday, May 5: Calculus

Friday, May 6: US History

Friday, May 6: European History

Monday, May 9: Biology

Wednesday, May 11: English Language

Thursday, May 12: Statistics

Roll Over Demonstration

On Tuesday, May 3, the State Police will be visiting Seekonk High School. They will be putting on a roll over crash demonstration as they educate our students about the possible consequences of poor decisions. I have included a power point with some statistics for your convenience.

Honor Societies Induction

Students will be inducted into the National, French, Spanish, and Portuguese Honor Societies on May 5, at 6:30pm in the Seekonk High School auditorium.

BMX Show

On Thursday, May 5, Seekonk High School will be hosting "Bring Your A Game to School!" It is a program developed by the National Guard that informs and inspires students to live by core values that guide them to success. Check out a short video about the program here!


This year's junior/senior prom will be held on Saturday, May 14, at the Viking Hotel in Newport from 6:30-10:30 PM

Thursday May 19, 2016 The Greater Fall River Inter-agency Transition Team presents "Come Meet Your Adult Agencies." This is a great opportunity to learn about 3 state agencies and higher education that can help adults with disabilities meet employment, independent living, recreation, and education goals. Check out this flyer for more information. You don't want to miss this!

School Year Memories - Photo Access!

Did you know that your sports and events images from this school year are available online? Just go to this website, enter your email address, and the password seekonk to see the amazing collection of images! You can even purchase some of your favorites!

Notary Services are available for residency documents at every school in the district. If you are submitting residency paperwork, just bring it to the school and we will notarize it for you when it is submitted!

For Future Planning:

Friday, May 27-Saturday, May 28 – Senior Trip to Six Flags and Lake George

Wednesday, June 1 - Senior Class Night @ 7 PM

Friday, June 3 - Graduation @ 6:30 PM

Thursday, June 9 - AP Night @ 6:30

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Seekonk Students Recognized as Academic All Stars!

A HUGE congratulations goes out to Anthony Heng, Ankit Kotwal, Bethany Murphy, Anne Silveira, and Kathryn Silveira for receiving the South Coast Conference Academic All Star Award! They were recognized as the top five students at Seekonk High School! There was a banquet held in their honor and short passages were read about them as they were presented with a certificate and medal signifying their achievement. Read them all here. It was an honor for me to hear just a piece of their journey. These students have not only made their parents incredibly proud, but the school and community as well. It was clear that they will find success in their future no matter the circumstance or path they take. Be sure to congratulate them all when you get the chance!
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Dr. Jones

Make the difficult (but right) choices

As the year winds even closer to the end I cannot help but think of what the world looks like for our graduating seniors. Faced with the often bitter sweet prospect of graduation; they are also bombarded with exams, college choices, full time employment, and more freedom. The freedom they will experience is based in choices. As parents and educators we can never protect them from all the possible bad things that will happen to them. We are only able to educate them on how to make a good choice. We can continue to do this (yes, there is still time) even after graduation by focusing on their success.

Success in life is determined by our attitude more than anything else! Other things such as our intelligence, influence, and environment can certainly help the direction of what happens, but nothing is more important than the attitude we hold throughout good times or bad.

So if attitude determines success, the real question becomes, “How can we help students with their own attitude?” First, we need set a great example by making sure our attitude is one worth emulating. Then continue to show them through our actions the attitude formula for a great, successful life.

· Poor Attitude + Poor Choices = Poor Results

· Good Attitude + Good Choices = Good Results

· Great Attitude + Great Choices = Great Results

It’s never been more important to demonstrate, talk about, and perpetuate keeping a good attitude and making proper choices so that those around us will learn lessons that will last a lifetime. I was reminded of the importance of choices and then the attitude to deal with the results in this news story about yet another opiate overdose in Massachusetts. The parents were faced with a choice I hope none of us are ever called to make. They discuss it here.

We all (parents, students, teachers, and leaders) need to realize that success is a choice. Every day we wake up we make choices that will determine our level of greatness.

· Choose wisely for the long term rather than rashly for the short.

· Make sure you approach the inevitable problems with the right attitude.

· Finish what you start (yes that is directed toward the dreaded senioritis) in a way that makes you proud.

And remember…the stories of overwhelming, lasting success are always traceable back to a series of small, day to day choices and actions.

What have you done today? What will you do tomorrow?

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Guidance - mrs. whatley

All parents should have received student report cards before vacation. Ask your student to see their report card if you have not seen it. The report cards were distributed to students.

As we enter May we have a good deal of Advance Placement and MCAS testing taking place. All grade 10 students will participate in the MCAS math testing on May 17th and 18th beginning at 7:30 each morning.

Seniors- A number of scholarships are available in the guidance office. A reminder that many colleges have a deadline of May 1st to submit your deposit to reserve your place as an entering freshman at that school.

who we are - getting to know our staff

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Various staff members are being asked to share 5 things about themselves in an effort to let everyone know about who makes up Seekonk High School's community. This week is:

Mrs. Christine Whatley - Director of Guidance

1. I love school. My mother was an elementary school teacher and my father was a college professor. I was raised along with my 5 siblings having a big focus placed on school, learning and always trying to do your best. Three of us are now in education, (the other three wish they were). Summer vacations were spent camping and traveling to various museums and visiting historical places around the country, which I enjoyed.

2. In college I entered as a mechanical engineering student at URI and graduated with a degree in secondary education certified to teach math, physics and general science. I started at Seekonk High, the same year I graduated, as a physics teacher before moving into the guidance office years later. Through the years I earned a Master’s degree from Providence College in Guidance/Counseling and a certificate in Secondary Administration from Boston University/SCEC.

3. I enjoy spending time with my husband and our two young adults. My son graduated last year from RIC and my daughter is a junior in college at the University of New England in Maine. When our schedules allow, we enjoy taking hikes together, going to the beach and spending time on the water swimming, sailing and kayaking. I enjoy cooking for the family and try to get together for family dinners and barbeques whenever we can. I continue to play in two tennis leagues throughout the year to try and remain somewhat active. Back in the day, I coached the girl’s tennis team here at SHS, ask Mrs. Borden, one of SHS’s star tennis players.

4. I have lived my life almost entirely in Rhode Island. Growing up in Lincoln, going to college in Kingston, our first apartment was in Cranston, our first home was in Portsmouth and we later returned to Lincoln to help care for my parents. For a short time we traveled to Wisconsin with our children where my husband earned a Master’s degree. This past vacation we were hiking in New Hampshire and began talking to some people we met. When asked where we were from my husband said, “Rhode Island, the biggest little state in the union.” They had no idea what he was talking about and had never heard of Rhode Island. They were from Virginia, I don’t get it.

5. I feel fortunate to have spent so many years in Seekonk public schools. I have met and worked with amazing professionals and students and families through the years. I enjoy seeing and hearings about what our graduates go on to do and become. I walk the halls and see students whose parents I had as students in school. I think it is special that many graduates come back to live and raise their own families back where they grew up. The classroom tools and technology has certainly changed through the years. It is the students that continue to provide the curiosity for learning and energy in the school. I feel blessed to have been able to enjoy such a rewarding career as an educator in Seekonk.
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Warrior Cries!

Warrior cries are shout outs to staff and students here at Seekonk High School. They are our way of recognizing hard work, creative thinking, and characteristices that make us proud to be part of this community. Please contact Dr. Jones if you wish to give a "warrior cry" to someone!

Mrs. Larson...for going the extra mile by thinking of, designing, and presenting to the School Committee a trip to New York that offers a tour of The United Nations. It is just one example of her willingness to do whatever possible to help the students experience the world outside of Seekonk High School - Dr. Jones

Ms. Deanna Marinucci...for organizing and giving the speeches about the academic all stars at their banquet. She consistently works hard to highlight student success and community service. Whether it is through the National Honor Society or the Key Club Ms. Marinucci makes certain students realize their achievements are recognized. - Dr. Jones

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art news

The Art Department is once again competing in the Attleboro Art Museum's High Art! This years theme is "Music to the Eyes". This is a great exhibition of talent and our students have put together a great piece this year! Be sure to look at the flyer for details and show up to support our students!
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English - Mrs. Hellmold

Please enjoy the Journalism class's newest edition of the Warrior News PLUS a Sports Extra. Lots and lots of info on all the sports' teams, so check it out!!

Here are a couple follow up pictures from the Jane Goodall event...

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music news - mr. smialek

Upcoming dates for Music Department activities:

Wednesday, May 4- Concert Band Evening Rehearsal, 6-8 pm, pizza to follow

Wednesday, May 11- Spring Concert 7 pm SHS Auditorium

Friday, May 13- Great East Band Festival, 5:30 am report time, 7 pm return

Sunday, May 22- Band Banquet, 6:30 pm, Riviera Restaurant, E. Prov. Tickets $16., will go on sale after spring vacation

Saturday, May 28- Memorial Day Parade and Dedication of Veteran's Memorial at Library, 10 am

Friday, June 3- Graduation, 6:30 pm- All Symphonic and Concert Band members.

Friday, June 17- Band Picnic @ Colt Park, Bristol, 12-4pm

Saturday, June 18- Brass Ensemble and Horn Quartet performance at Seekonk Meadows 2 pm

For your summer planning:

We anticipate that we will be offering some summer lessons here once again and may have openings for Senior or Junior students to work as instructors. We will also be offering community service opportunities in the Music Department as well. See Mr. Smialek if you would be interested in one of these possible positions.

Marching Band Camp will be Monday, August 8- Friday, August 12 from 8:30 am- 12:30 pm

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Sports with Mr. Crippen

This year’s Senior Student-Athlete Banquet will be Thursday, May 26 at 6:30 at the Attleboro Elks Club.

Congratulations to the following ten underclassmen who represented Seekonk High School at the South Coast Conference Leadership Conference this Thursday at Bourne High School: Chloe Lunnie, Rachel Pion, Connor Pozzi, Chris Lane, Claudette Elkhoury, Adam Horowitz, Shane Smith, Terry Smith, Nicole Silva and Zoe Jennings.

Congratulations to Coach Kristin Nelson and her staff and the members of the Seekonk Unified Track team for the fine performances turned in Thursday at the Mock Track Meet. The team will travel to Taunton High School Friday for their first competition, the first of its kind in Seekonk High School athletic history. A great big thank you to Coach Earl Berwick, Coach Matt McCartin, Coach Linda Horton, Mr. James MacKnight and all the members of the Special Education and Collaborative Staffs and track athletes who gave a helping hand in running this event as well as all the students and staff who came out to support the team. There are just a few of the pictures from the mock meet below...

For a complete listing of upcoming contests be sure to check out the full Athletic Schedule

Contact Information

We strive to keep communication open and ongoing. You may contact us through any of the following ways. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or comments.