Food of Europe

By: Tyrese Roberts

Western Europe

  • Has a long and sophisticated culinary tradition
  • The united kingdom, Ireland, England, Scotland, wales, France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria
  • Belgian Waffles- topped with with fruit or jam and cream are a favorite street food
  • Yorkshire pudding- a popover baked in the hot pan dripping from the roast beef.

The Mediterranean (Southern Europe)

  • cooking in southern is lighter than the northern and western
  • spain, portugal, italy, greece,
  • Marsipan- confection made with almond paste and sugar
  • paella- rice seasoned with saffron and mixed with a puree of onion, red bell peppers and tomatoes, meat and seafood.

Northern Europe

  • Food here tends to be more filling and creative.
  • Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland,
  • Smorgasbord- a buffet laden with cured fish, cold meat, cheeses, and vegetables.
  • Lutefisk- dried cod soaked in culinary ash and water
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