Mrs. Cornell's Class

News for February 11 - 15

Dear Parents,

News Flash!!!

This Thursday our Read Across the School theme is "Pajama Day!" Students may dress in pajamas or bring in a pillow, small blanket/towel, and/or a stuffed animal. We will have recess, so plan accordingly. Remember, valentines can come to school in a bag marked with your child's name on Wednesday or Thursday.

On Thursday, we will spend some of our day with the first graders mixed up doing learning activities switching between the first grade classrooms. We will pass and open valentines and then have our Read Across the School activity at the end of the day.

I've been fighting with formatting on this newsletter and am choosing to simplify it, so some things have been moved around.

The February Skills Checklist can be found at the bottom of this newsletter.

Have a good week!

Mrs. Cornell

This week we are working on:

READING - Long a (ai, ay)
Present/Past Tense go/went do/did
Monitoring Comprehension
Comparing and Contrasting - (characters, settings, events)
Report Writing
Vocabulary Words - warm, great, cold, there, their, sounds, know

MATH - Fact Triangles, Addition and Subtraction Fact practice, Measuring Centimeters, What My Rule?

Upcoming Events:

Tues, Feb 19th - Jump Rope for Heart
Fri, March 8th - No School - Prep Day
Tues, March 12th - Two Hour Late Start
Thurs, March 14th - Conferences
Tues, March 19th - Conferences
Thurs, March 21st - Conferences


This "Glog" is a fantastic resource for me in the classroom. We are able to use some things on it each week to enhance our learning through engaging activities. I am sharing it with you. Students may do some exploring or may go back to activities that we used in class.
Raz-Kids is an online, self-paced reading website. The teacher username is "jocornell". Students know their passwords. Students first listen to a story, then read that story, then take a quiz. Each task they do earns them points.


We use this weekly in school. Students really enjoy practicing math on this site. Your child should know their username and password, if not I can email it to you.

Some good activities to practice this week include:
First Grade: B11, B15, D13, D14, F3, F6, L3, L4, M1, M2, N2
Second Grade: E7, E10, E11, F7, F9, F11

Students may explore other activities and may need support.
Be sure to bookmark this site. There are hundreds of math games to choose from. The higher the number, the more difficult the skills.

February Skills Checklist

Dear Parents,

This checklist includes many of the topics and skills that your child is working on during the month of February. Many skills continue from previous months. You can help me in tracking your child’s progress by using and returning this checklist at the end of the month. When you feel that your child has mastered a skill, check on the line. Not all lines need to be checked off to return the sheet to school, but please work on each skill with your child throughout the month of February. Thank you for all of your extra help working with your child at home.

Sincerely, Mrs. Cornell

· Can tell time on an analog clock to the half hour (half past) and quarter hour

(quarter-to or before and quarter-past or after) ___

· Can write time in digital notation (example: 5:45 or 11:30) ___

· Identifies numbers as even or odd ___

· Can draw and solve +/- number stories using the number line, number grid, tallies,

pictures, counters, base 10 (any) ___

· Can calculate and write the value of money when using pennies/nickels/dimes/quarters ___

· Can solve math facts including adding or subtracting 0, 1, 2, and doubles up to 10 + 10 ___

· Knows facts whose sums are 10 (example: 7+3 = ) ___

· Can read any two and three digit number ___

· Can compare numbers using > = < symbols ___

· Can measure to the nearest inch / centimeter ___

· Can count by 2’s to 100 and up and back by 5’s and 10’s to 100 ___

· Can read high frequency words (see below) ___

· When reading, pauses for commas and periods ___

· Can answer questions about what he/she has read ___

Can identify main characters, setting and main events in stories ___

Can read long u, long a (ay, ai), and long e (ee, ea, ey, y) words: tune, train, meat

· Can write complete sentences using correct capitalization and punctuation ___

Your Child’s Name _____________________________

Parent Signature _____________________________

*Please keep your chart in a safe place so it will not get lost or destroyed.

Due back March 1st.


February 4 to 8 - work, after, find, old, new, done

February 11 to 15 - warm, cold, sounds, great, know, their, there

February 18 to 22 - kind, knew, house, friends, far, by,

February 25 to March 1 - heard, began, before, happen, told, falls