Minimum Wage

Abby Whaley

Rbublican-led House

Many members argue that raising the minimum wage will lead businesses to cut jobs.

Issue How The Minimum Wage was Suppost to be

"In 1938, the Fair Labor Standards Act established a federal minimum wage to serve as "a floor below wages," to reduce poverty and to ensure that economic growth is shared across the workforce. While the minimum wage still serves as protection for the country's lowest-paid workers, today it is far below its historical level and loses value every year due to inflation. In fact, if the federal minimum wage kept up with inflation it would be $10.75 an hour, not the $7.25 it is today."

My Opinion on the Topic

I feel that minimum wage should be increase. The minimum wage should only be increased for people that are 18 and older. I feel this way because people that arnt 18 are only working because they need something to do in their free time or they have to pay for gas. People that are 18 and older are working because they have a family to support or they have to pay for rent and other thing. The impacts that it will have on the prices is that all things will increase but then people will be more coshes on how they spend their money. Companies won't need as much help as they needed be for the minimum wage increased.


Teenagers 16-19 years compromise 31% of all minimum wage workers. Workers between 20-24 years of age are compromise by 24% of all minimum wage workers, those between 25-34 years are compromise by 15.5% of all minimum wage workers. Workers between 35-44 years are compromise less then 10% of all minimum wage workers, and those who are 45 years and older compromise roughly 20% of all minimum wage workers.

Minimum Wage Hikes

In 1980, the number of minimum wage workers reached 4.7 million workers, at that time the federal minimum wage was $3.10 an hour. In 2007, the number of people earning minimum wage was at 267,000 workers. Since then, the number of people working on minimum wage has risen dramatically, exceeding 1.5 million workers as of 2012.