Melinda Ramos

UCF Freshman and fellow EXCEL Member

My Background

I was born in Winter Park, FL but then moved to Mexico City when I was two. Currently, I have been living in Orlando for the past 11 years. My father's family is of Mexican heritage and my mother's is Irish, Italian and German.

One unique fact about me is that I can solve a Rubik's Cube in under 2 minutes!

Majors I am considering:

Why I joined EXCEL:

I received a flyer (well, multiple actually) in the mail and after flipping through it quickly, I saw that it was for students in STEM and joined out of curiosity and for the hope of a smaller college experience at a big school like UCF.

I believe that EXCEL will help me be successful this semester by providing me with a support system of friends that also understand the demands of a STEM major. It will also provide me with helpful tutors in the EXCEL/COMPASS Center should I encounter any problems with my Calculus and Chemistry homework.