Cool Coral

By William Roche


Imagine that you are a piece of coral and actually surprising yourself, you can move! You move when you eat, breathe, and reproduce.You’ll be shocked to learn that one of the fastest pieces of coral sprinted 14 km. per year. That's slower than a baby crawling! Did you know that you only move to eat at night? That's all to learn about coral movement and speed.


Now you know all about coral. You know about coral’s movement, habitat, and size. Now when you go to an aquarium you can baffle your friends with facts about coral. This is why you read this, right?
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This is my diorama of marine animals. 1=clownfish 2=fish 3=Jellyfish 4= clam 5=coral 6=seaweed 7= seahorse 8=shark.

Coral haiku

Coral makes sugar

For it’s bodies energy

That is how it eats

Coral can be pink

But it really doesn't shrink

And it doesn't think

Go Fish

When I made my fish tank I was happy to get all my decorations and my fish. In the end I was twenty cents off. I was going to call it a day at 123 dollars, but I decided not to and that was a good idea. It was fun buying my fish and totaling up my cost. I didn’t spend a lot on my items so I had 164.36 dollars to spend on fish. I bought 5 fish and one of them was $106. I also got four snails. I had 15 inches of fish.


Bird's Nest Coral Under LED Aquarium Light Time Lapse