Ancient Athens

by Jonny DiMarco and Julia DiDomizio

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Athens was one of the strongest and most successful city-states in Greece, and still is today. A city-state is a city surrounded by buildings, houses, shops, etc., which makes it an independent state. Athens was successful for many different reasons. One reason why Athens was very successful was because of their very good education for boys, who taught them how to read, write, and many other things. Athens was also very successful because of their government that was democracy, which let every citizen of Athens have a say in what they wanted. Lastly, Athens was very strong and successful because of their innovations that helped them create new and better things. There were many different things that helped Athens become a strong and successful city-state. As you can see, Athens had very strong education, government, and many well made innovations that were better than Sparta's.

Education in Athens

Government in Athens

Innovations in Athens

The modern day innovations reflected on Athens. One reason why the modern day innovations reflected on Athens is because of the pillars they created.It reflects on modern day because the White House now uses pillars because of Athens. It will help hold up buildings. Therefore the pillars reflect on the modern day. Another innovation they used was they created democracy.We now use democracy now because we get to elect the president and we get to elect on some laws.Democracy is when everyone can vote and it doesn't matter who.Therefore Democracy reflected on modern day.These two innovation (Democracy and the Pillars) reflected on modern day.