Hoot Hoot Herald

February 1-5, 2016


Thank you for welcoming our visiting teachers into your classroom! They have been so impressed your teaching! We have a staff meeting on Monday. See you then!


Please let us know if you need our assistance during a conference. Just a reminder, conferences must be offered to parents of GT or Immersion students.

For GT conferences, please review the differentiated projects that the GT student has worked on, discuss areas of success and areas of improvement, and direct the

parents to resources outside of the school (such as the AISD GT Site) for additional


For any conferences for 504 students, please invite an administrator (Hill or

Riggsbee) so that we can document the meeting as a 504 meeting.

For any conference for SPED students, please invite me and the case manager.

If you have had a 504 meeting or an ARD in the last month, please count that as the spring conference.

New Teacher Evaluation System:

Richard, Tracy and I visited Davis Elementary last week to learn more about the new teacher evaluation system (PPfT). The new system will require two-30 minute classroom observations and three classroom walkthroughs. Teachers will be setting student learning objective goals (we can establish these per team). More information to come!


If you have not signed up for new TELPAS rater training, please do so as soon as possible.

Staff News:

Maren has sent us an update. I will forward that email to you. She sent some cute pictures of her two sweet little babies!

Benchmarks and STAAR:

Just a reminder to pay close attention to the accommodations that are assigned to your students. If we need to make changes to 504 plans prior to the benchmark, be sure to let us know ahead of time. Also, students who have supplemental aides must regularly use those in the classroom in order to qualify to use them on an assessment.

Counselor Week:

Thank you counselors for all that you do for our staff, students, and families! You ROCK!


Registration Forms for the upcoming year-2016-2017

This week, we are sending home "Notification of Plans to Registration" forms to every Doss student. These forms are critical to our planning process for the next school year. Please remind each of your students to return the form to you as soon as possible (the deadline is March 1st). You will also recieve a large white envelop with your class roll on the outside so that you can check off a student when this form is returned. Your assistance is appreciated in this process. Again, this process is critical to our staffing plans for the 2016-2017 school year. When you recieve forms for all of your students, please turn in your completed forms in the white envelop to Pat.

Benchmark Dates

Tues. 2/9

4th Writing

5th Math

Wed. 2/10

5th Reading

Thurs. 2/11

Make up

Tues. 3/8

3rd Math

Wed. 3/9

3rd Reading

4th Reading

Thurs. 3/10

4th Math


Wed. 4/6

5th Science

Thurs. 4/7

Make up

Valentines Party Schedules

Below is the Valentine Party Schedule. Please see Adriana in the office if there is a conflict.

All Parties will be on Friday, February 12 and are located in your classrooms.

Kinder: 2-2:45pm

First: 2-2:45pm

Second: 1:30-2:15pm

Third: 2:15-3pm

Fourth: 1:15-2pm, all classes EXCEPT Jones/Gustafson, which will be 2-2:50pm.

Fifth: 1:45-2:45

3-5th ORAL READING FLUENCY DATA ENTRY DEADLINE IS FEB. 12th- All data must be entered into ATVS.

Directions for entering data into ATVS for ORF: To find ATVS log onto the cloud and type ATVS into the search window. Click on the ATVS icon and then click on the tab on the top that says PRA/ORF. Once you click on PRA/ORF you will see a smaller tab underneath that says ORF. Click on this tab and your class and data entry screen should show up. For Comprehension enter 0 for incorrect and 1 for correct.

Please contact Ms. Thomas with any questions. Thanks!

Your Textbook Connection

Need textbooks, Shanna Riggsbee is your person. Contact Shanna with help with books.

National Wear Red Day

From Coach Mosby,

National Wear Red Day - Friday, February 5, 2016

Please wear red on Friday. Let 's unite to

prevent heart disease and stroke for women.

Counselor's Corner

R.A.K. (Random Acts of Kindness) WEEK IS COMING!! Feb. 16-19. If you have ideas or suggestions for RAK week, please email Shanna or Vickie. More details to come!!

  • Counselors will be going into classes to do Guidance Lessons on Kindness during the weeks of Feb. 1-12.

Nurse's Notes

Please continue enforcing good handwashing, proper cough/sneeze cover up, and wiping community items in the classroom. Encourage students to use a papertowel to turn off the faucet after washing their hands.

The weather is not our friend. Please encourage students to wear their sweaters/coats when outside in recess.

Computer Lab News

The lab will be closed on Wednesday from 11:30-2:30 for training on our new Imagine Learning software. This software will help our refugees with language skills. Any teachers are welcome to come by the lab and join us.

The new tablets and Chromebooks will use Google Docs instead of Microsoft Word for word processing. This is a good time to start learning more about using Google Docs. We have some people on campus who have been using Google Docs. I will work with them to get some differentiated training for all of us to learn more.

The new student devices (tablets & Chrome books) deployment has been delayed. They are having problems with cart availability and tablet setup. My best guess is we will now get the new devices in late February or early March. –James

FYI, if you are working this weekend

Please note that on Saturday, January 30 and Saturday, February 6- building Operations will be working on Doss cooling towers. This means NO heat, no A/C on these weekends.

Get rid of your old markers!

There is a small white box directly under the bulletin board with the staff photos on it. It has a large blue marker attached to the top. This is the box where girl scouts are collecting those old markers that don't work anymore. They will take any markers, even if you bring some from home!