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Whats your price for food?

When we decide what we want to eat we should consider the workers who process,pick and transport our food. Don't you ever wonder were your food comes from? Who puts it into its package. Or who kills the animals to get you your food. Would you like it if the pig to give you your Sunday morning bacon was killed on a dirty table. That the person who did it did not wash there hands. If it was out in the open air and was exposed to toxins. Before you eat something you should know what it went through to get to your table.

Don't just think about the food but about the workers. What about the person who is working for the meat packing company? We want them to have nice and neat working conditions. They need to be safe while cutting, sorting and packaging our food. We do not want them working long and hard hours. If they do they might make mistakes. But we don't want to have immigrants working in the factories. When they get caught its them who gets punished and not the employers who had hired them. Next time you take a bite out of your Sunday morning bacon don't think about how good it taste but about the workers and the foods journey.

Alice's advice column

June 4, 1919

Dear future citizens of America if you have something that you believe in you need to stand for it. Take me for example i stood out of the white house in rain and snow. We may have been freezing but we wanted to vote and we need to stand for it. I got yelled at and made fun of by all the people passing. It didn't faze me. I wanted this and no one could have taken me down. Not even when i got taken to prison. I had a hungry strike to show i was standing for what i believe in. I got a piece of paper and i got it to the outside world. I had written about my harsh conditions. But i didn't quit because of it. I was not going to let that take me down.

Don't stop even if people before you have failed. Not if you are alone. The chances are if people see someone doing something that they were to scared to do themselves they will stand with you because they to needed someone to stand with them.So fight for what you believe in and don't stop because others told you to.

Remember "When you put your hand to the plow, you can't put it down until you get to the end of the row."

Sincerely, Alice Paul.

Big company to of a big power.

Rockefeller has to much power over the government. He is holding the white house and the capital in his hands it shows that he is bigger than the government. He can manipulate the government to turn the other way when he is doing something that is illegal. Also Rockefeller can do what he wants with the government because he is bigger than them. In the picture the capital is turning into a oil refinery.

Evil queen gets a taste of her medicine.

Queen Liliuokalani's people wanted to overthrow her. They wanted to be governed by the United States. There right to vote was already taken away now there right to freedom. The us marines went to Hawaii to help the Hawaiian people. when the marines got there they had to stand out in the terribly hot sun with no food or water for a day and a half. The queen stayed in her palace yelling. She said we were trying to steal her thrown. But no we were trying to do our part to help the Hawaiian people. If they wanted to be part of the U.S then they should be able to do that. If they wanted to be governed by the U.S then she was not a good leader. But at the end of day two she had given up and gave the Hawaiian people there right to freedom and they were annexed. Now they are happy and are rid of the evil queen.

Take what you can eat

Take what you can eat. do not over eat. Don't just think about your meal think about your army's meal. Save food for them. Use less wheat and meat and when you do use only a little. Make sure you cook all food the right way so that you don't waste it.


For Sale

QWERTY typewriter for sale. $30. For sale at Sholes & Glidden.

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Telephone for $3.00 for businesses and $1.50 for residential customers.

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Henry Ford Model T for sale. $850 Available a Ford Motor Company.


Are you 21-30? Join the U.S army today.


Go with out meat on Mondays and wheat on Wednesday. Save food for the army.


Save food only take what you can eat. Think about your military's meal.

Militarism started the war.

Militarism plays the biggest part in starting the war. When the Germans used a U-Boat to sink the Lusitania the US made them promise to never sink a passenger ship but they did. They broke the Sussex pledge. Also when Princip assassinated the Austria-Hungry's arch duck Surbian government had supplied the assassins with the bombs and weapons. We even had to have a peace conference to say that we were going to downsize our military. We also held the conference to stop a arms race. The whole war is revolving around military and weapons.

Empress of the blues

Bessie Smith was born on April 15, 1894 and dies on September 26,1937. Shortly after Bessie was born her father had died. She was one of seven children that her mom had raised by herself. In 1904 her mom dies and she moved in with her aunt. That's when she started singing in the streets. In 1906 she was a dancer in the Moses Stocks Minstrel show. In 1923 she married Jack Gee and that same year she got signed with Colombia Records. On her first recording she had a song called "Downhearted Blues" which was very popular and sold over 800,000 copies. She preformed with many musicians like Louis Armstrong and Sidney Bechet. In 1931 Bessie stopped working with Colombia but continued to preform. She started working with producer John Hammond. But on her way to a show in Memphis, Tennessee her companion Richard Morgan when he lost control of the car and on September 26,1937 she died of her injury's from the crash. By the end of her career she was one of the highest paid black singers.

Bessie still is a great inspiration for female singers like Billie Holliday, Aretha Franklin and Janis Joplin and has been immortalized into numerous works . Her music still wins over new fans and have continued to sell well.

Hero of the air

Amelia Earhart was born on July 24, 1897 in Atchison, Kansas. She was given the nickname "Lady Lindy". She was the sixteenth woman to get her pilots license. She had became independent because of her dad. In the summer of 1921 she purchased a used yellow biplane and called it " The Canary". On October 22, 1922 she flew her plane 14,000 feet in the air the world altitude record for female pilots. On June 17, 1928 she flew her first transatlantic flight. On March 17, 1937 she took off on her final flight by herself. She diapered while trying to circumnavigate the globe from the equator. In 1939 she was declared legally dead.