Engineer Inventor

By: Drue Manco, Mrs. swierczek

The Career Cluster

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Personal strengths

I thought it was an interesting career and you can create what every you want like a big or small robot. what I have for talents for this job is critical thinking, Reading comprehension, active listening, and problem solving.
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For an degree it requires a bachelors degree so you have to stay for four years. what is important for this job is speaking, critical thinking, and reading comprehension

work invironment

  • You will work in a office not outdoors
  • You will stay in one place.
  • This job will be hard why because it will be complcated
  • You will also be working with people and i will like to have different schedule's


  • How much I will make is 78,640$ dollars
  • How much I will get paid in a year is 78,640$ dollar's
  • How much I will get paid an hour is 37. 81$ dollar's
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The outlook

It would be a hard job to found around GA. There will be plenty jobs available in 2023 for engineer inventor. There will be a opportunities for a promotion. Im still interested in the job that i want to be.


  • Britannica image quest
  • Animoto
  • Smore