Arab-Israeli Conflict

By the Wize and Smart Sangho Han!

It started a long time ago.......

The Arab-Israeli Conflict stated about 3,000 years ago. A long time ago the Jews traveled from Africa to Israel. They built a temple in the city of Jerusalem. They lived happily until other people attacked the Jews. The Jews were scattered all over the Middle East until they fought back and they got back their land. Later on the Palestinians conquered all of Israel. The Jews were kicked out once again. The Palestinians lived here for a long time. One of their prophets named Muhammad ascended into heaven where the Temple was. They built a building around the place where Muhammad was to keep the place sacred. One day the Jews gathered up and asked the The Supreme Rulers if they could get Israel back. They offered a part of Argentina but they refused. The UN let the Jews get back in in small groups until the Jews had enough people to kick the Palestinians out. The Jews were happy to be back but the Palestinians were mad.

The Problem

The reason the Palestinians and the Jews didn't want to leave Jerusalem was the Importance of that place. The Jews wanted to keep their sacred temple and the Palestinians wanted there Sacred Location where Mohammad ascended into the heavens. Since the Palestinians are Islamic and the Jews were Jewish the Conflict came from two major religions.


Since both sides want this land the area in and around Jerusalem could be a separate land owning to no one. Everyone who wants to come see this historic place can come. If there is a important ritual for Muslims or Jews that day would be separated for them for that day only. Everyone would be fair and everyone can come and visit. If someone would try to take over this land we will stop them no matter what.