Learning Target 19-LT 23

Final Assessment Project


LT 19-23 show that our government has come along way too keep tyranny out of this country. The constitution guards against tyranny in many ways and also the Bill of rights gives us citizens our basic freedoms while also limiting the government.

LT 19

How does the Constitution guard against tyranny?

There are many ways that the constitution guards against tyranny due to the fact that the American colonists went through the tyranny of Britain.

The constitution guard against tyranny in these 3 ways and many other:

1. A president of the United States can only have a 4 year term and must be re-elected to serve another 4 years, reaching his/her limit of 8 years.

2. The Bill of Rights list out our rights so when we are in trouble with the government we can prove what we are aloud to do and what we are not.

3. In Amendment 6 in The Bill Of RIghts it states that the government can not do any cruel and unusual punishment to the criminal convicted no matter how bad the crime.

LT 20

Does the Constitution separate powers?

The constitution separates all the powers into 3 branches. The Executive branch enforces laws. The Legislative branch creates laws. The Judicial branch makes sure all laws are constitutional.

LT 21

What are checks and balances?

The government has checks and balances for almost every situation. Checks and Balances keep one branch from having too much power. For example The president can veto a law passed by congress but the congress can re-veto that law with 2/3 vote.The president is chief of the army but congress can declare war.

LT 22

Does the Bill of Rights make our government a limited government?

Our government is made a limited government due to the fact that in The Bill of Rights states our governments limits. Our Bill of Rights states what the citizens rights are and what the limits of our government. In the constitution it didn't state the citizens rights therefore the Bill of Rights was created.For example the First Amendment states the 5 basic freedoms of citizens (speech,religion,petition,assembly and press). Also in the Fifth Amendment it states that all citizens have the right to a fair trial. In this amendment it also states that the fair trial will be public and you will not have to answer any questions you do not want too. This amendment proves that the government is limited because if it weren't they could keep trials private and make us answer things.

LT 23

Does the Bill of Rights protect our basic freedoms?

The Bill of rights was made due to the fact that anti-federalists complained when the constitution was made that the constitution did not list their basic freedoms or freedoms of the people at all. After this complaint the founders of our nation decided they would make a 27 amendments limiting our government and stating the citizens rights (10 of which are the Bill of Rights). In the first amendment the Bill of rights list our 5 basic freedoms (speech,assembly,religion,petition and press).