Solar energy

What is it?

What is it

Solar energy is a viable alternative for fossil is radiant energy produced by the sun.a renewable source of energy.also active energy.its clean and has zero emmistion.light and heat energy to,it is also heat and electricity source,for buildings.

A solar panel

Pros and Cons

There are lots of cons of solar energy. Like, solar energy costs a lot of money(40 panels= $30 000), during a thunder storm or storm solar panels cannot be used. Solar energy also causes land disturbance by clearing land too put solar panels down.Also, solar energy kills bird and other flying animals if flying through the concentrated heat. There are only a few pros that is solar panels store lots of energy.

How does the sun effect the earths atmosphere.

The sun shines ultra violent light at earth this light has to go 93 million miles to get to earth earth has a top layer called tho o-zone.the loss of the o-zone increases horizontal temperatures and also changes global temperatures and this also causes global warming.

Why are alternative energy sources important.

Alternative energy sources are important because, fossil fuels e.g coal, oil,& gasoline will eventually run out. Alternative energy sources do not pullout the air or environment . They also don't wreck the ozone of the earth.

How does it work?

Photons from the sun hit the solar panels and generates direct current (d.c). The inventor converts d.c into alternating current (a.c) . This current then goes through the main switchboard of the building to supply energy.conversely, electricity is imported from grid whenever there isn't enough energy for the building. After that process excess electricity is then exported back to the grid.

What does solar energy power?

Solar energy powers a lot of things in our homes and stores.we need electricity to power electrical items e.g lamps and fridges,our lights ,heating and cooling and lots more.Also we Need outlets in our homes to power almost everything!

How do solar panels store energy?

Solar cells are on the upper surface, of a solar panel. They help collect sunlight in the day. After collecting, the cells then turn sunlight into electricity. Each cell makes its own electricity and then joins the electric current, to the rest of the cells together. Did you know solar panels are usually made of crystalline silicon and gallium arsenide.

Is solar energy reliable?

Did you know every 15minutes earth receives energy from the sun to power everything on our for a whole year.Also only a tiny fraction of our energy we use is from the sun.When we have renewable energy sources there is no need to burn fossil fuels (coal,oil,gasoline).Solar power is much better for the environment because it is clean and doesn't pullout the air.