Bamboo Fencing

Innovative Uses For Bamboo Fencing

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Bamboo fencing has become an extremely popular and eco-friendly option to hardwood fencing in the last couple of years, as environmental consciousness has grown among the general public. This is only because bamboo is one of the most easily renewable natural resources we have, and can yield occasionally over 2 times of the excellent building materials that a typical hardwood woods can. But bamboo fencing panels may be utilized, not only for fencing, but also to get a wide variety of things. Here are just a few suggestions to get you started.

Bamboo Room Dividers

Bamboo fencing panels operate particularly great as creative room dividers. Whether it's to your bedroom, dorm room, living room or office, there's a wide array of bamboo panels that come in various colours and finishes to suit a multitude of decorating fashions. Bamboo room dividers are airy and will give a tropical feel to any area. You can also get a more professional, sleek look however, if you use, for example, black bamboo panels which have a smooth glossy finish. They seem elegant and easy.

Use Bamboo Rolls or Panels as Room Perimeter Linings

Instead of antiquated background, why not spice up your wall linings up just a little bit? Cutting bamboo panels to the appropriate size and using them for wall lining can give your room a fantastic, naturalistic look. Bamboo adds not only colour, but also feel to a room's wall linings.

Backyard Storage Area

Use bamboo panels to segment off unseemly areas of your garden and use the space to store tools and unused backyard furnishings. In case you have palm trees, tikis, or other tropical décor in your backyard, a bamboo storage space will probably fit right in.

Window Borders and Shutters

Rather than drab, vinyl walls and window frames, try using resized bamboo fencing panels. They could give your windows a very unique appearance that will be eye catching and enjoyable by cutting bamboo panels to the appropriate size and using them instead of traditional window shutters an borders. You are able to produce a breezy, cool ambiance.

Bamboo Panels as Backgrounds for Wall Art

Cut a bamboo plank, or panelsto the ideal measurements and use them like matting for art. The outcome can be simply elegant. Unlike a bulky artwork framework, a bamboo matting panel provides photos and other pictures a mild, aesthetically pleasing backdrop that makes the images standout more sharply.

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