!!The Atlantic Hurricane Season!!

What are hurricanes? How are they made?


EL Nino/ LA NINA is a term for alternating cold and warm phases of the eastern and centeral pecific oceans.


Bermuda High

A semi-permanent, subtropical area of high pressure in the North Atlantic Ocean off the East Coast of North America that migrates east and west with varying central pressure. Depending on the season, it has different names.

When it is displaced westward, during the Northern Hemispheric summer and fall, the center is located in the western North Atlantic, near Bermuda. In the winter and early spring, it is primarily centered near the Azores in the eastern part of the North Atlantic.

Also known as Azores High.

How do Hurricanes Form in the Atlantic Ocean?

Hurricanes form at 15* to 20* north or south of the equator (not at the equator). It must have warm water and humid air to form. As the low pressure cells strengthen the hurricane it speeds up. For one to form it has to be at least 80*F to provide energy for it. Cuses more evaporation making humid air in clouds.