New-York : the big apple

the center of the world

A wonderful city

New-York is the best city of the world, she is situated in a U.S.A, at the north-est on the Pacific Coast, there is a melting pot very important, more than Sydney
The city is more important than Tokyo, because New-York is more big
In New York, you can visits a lot of monuments, The Statue of Liberty; Empire States Building....

One Day in New York

Melting Pot of the City

The melting pot in New York is very important, in the city there is a lot of nationalities, the peoples of all the World come here, all the cultures..
The multiculturalism is everywhere today. As the world gets smaller, multuculturalism becomes bigger. Few of us live in towns in wich there is only one cultures. If we live in a city, we will see peoples from all over the world

The American Food

The American Food is very fat, there is Hamburgers, Hots Dogs...
The american can food in quicky restaurants, they are exported into the world.

Carnegie Deli

It's a restaurant where you can eat the most big hamburgers of the world

New York - Alicia Keys
She said : "if you can make it here, if you can make it everywhere"