Zabriya Harris , 2nd period

Night Crawler: The untold story

Given the birth name of Natalie Hall, Night crawler was born and raised in the small town of Jacksonville, Oregon . Her parents knew she was different from the day she was born. On her 13th birthday, Instead of hitting puberty she got powers. Her parents took her out of school , worried she would harm someone on accident. Before Natalie was a hero she was a regular kid. She had chores, did homework and went to school, Normal teenage girl stuff. One night, she heard loud noises downstairs, more like loud bangs and crashes. When she went downstairs she saw that her parents were tied up and two masked figures putting things into bags, she used her powers to stop them, from that point on she knew she wanted to help anyone in danger. She knows that at any moment her power could be used for evil, but she will always try and make sure that will never happen.

Her catchphrase: Evil comes alive in the night and so do I.

Her power are amazing. She has umbrakinesis , telekinesis, teloportation, super strength, super speed, stealth, reflexes, mind control, illtion , invisibility, immortality, intelligence, hydrokinesis, healing factor. She vows to use these power for the better.