City of Ember

by Jeanne DuPrau

Did you like The Giver by Lois Lowry? Then try CITY OF EMBER. The novel begins 200 years after an undescribed destruction of civilization. The citizens of Ember literally live without natural light. Light is provided by flood lamps on their buildings. Blackouts occur more and more often. Ember is “running out of light bulbs, running out of power, running out of time-disaster was right around the corner.” Lina and Doon, two young citizens of Ember, discover a document that hints at a way out and they are determined to save the city. In their efforts to announce the discovery they come up against the corrupt Mayor and his cronies. Determined to save their people Lina and Doon escape to find a way out and bring good news back to the citizens of Ember. Look for the sequels to find out what becomes of Lina and Doon. - Mary Boyd (Retired librarian - IISD)

Available as an e-book.

The City of Ember Book Trailer


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