Rowe & Dunn

5th Grade: December 5th - 9th


*FIELD TRIP - Wednesday: Texas Tech Woman's Basketball Game

Lunch Menu:

Monday: Chicken Sandwich Beef Ravioli w/ Roll Ham & Cheese Sandwich Tater Tots Tuesday: Grilled Cheese Sandwich & Soup Cheeseburger Pepperoni Pizza Tater Tots Wednesday: Mini Corn Dogs Turkey & Cheese Sandwich Popcorn Chicken w/ Roll Mixed Veggies

Thursday: Ham & Cheese Sandwich Grilled Cheeseburger Country Fried Steak w/ Roll Mashed Potatoes & Gravy

Friday: Ham & Turkey w/ Cheese Wrap Orange Chicken w/ Roll Cheese Pizza Pinto Beans


Spelling - Unit 13

Vocabulary - Unit 12: Latin Roots

This week we will look at analyzing main idea. Our story this week is "Black Sunday"; a story about the biggest dust storm in American history.

Spelling test, Vocabulary test & Comprehension test on Friday.


We will start Unit #6: Plotting on the Coordinate Grid. Students will learn about the attributes of the coordinate grid, how to plot and to move on the coordinate grid, and about additive and multiplicative patterns.


We will finish up Sedimentary Rock and Fossil Fuels and begin Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy. Students will have a content quiz on Tuesday over sedimentary rock and fossil fuels. We will begin a project on Friday over alternative energy.

Social Studies

Week 12: Industrial Revolution. Students will read: The Final War for Independence, An Industrial Revolution, Supply & Demand, and The Free Enterprise System. Remember students can log onto Studies Weekly and read at home. Quiz on Friday