Viva La Land

where puerto ricans can live free!

About Viva La Land!

Viva La Land is located between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. We orginated from the puerto rico war. The type of economy we have is a market. We have an democracy government, we believe that the people have an voice also. Our language is spanish. Our popluation is 3.615 million. Our national anthem is ''Im Free''. We are famous for our historical culture buildings. our trading partners are France, and America. We trade oil, cotton, and food.

Viva La Land


1. No stealing

2. Must be Citzen (or have passport)

3. Cant be racial

4. Cant drop out of school

5. Have to know national anthem

6. Love your neighbor

7. No street fighting

8. Cant speak other language

9. No killing

10. Must defend your government

Events NOW

1.Government annouces new disease CALLED VBOLA!! GET VACCINES TODAY!

2. BABY BOOM HITS US HARD!! 7 year old gets PREGNANT !

3. War against KOREA ! President VIctoria will speak at 7 pm TODAY!